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Food Trucks: 8 Tips from the Pros 
Janice & Michael, GottaQ BBQ Food Truck & Catering and NBBQA content contributors
1.    BBQ is a tough product for food trucks because everything is time sensitive. We only go to organized events where we are guaranteed customers, because, as we all know, it has to be fresh.
Janice & Michael Strout's GottaQ Food Truck
2.    Every town has different requirements in term of licenses, permits and health inspectors. For example, in Rhode Island, you can cook on the truck; in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, you have to prep in a commercial kitchen.
3. We only have about six items on the truck. We have to sell it while it's fresh and customers don't have to wait too long. We have worked to get it down to a science, and we can sell one order (3-4 plates) per minute.
4. Be ready for the ride: We were blown away by the instant popularity of our product in the Northeast and New England. This area seems to be "starved" for traditional wood smoked BBQ, and we filled that gap! As a result, we have just opened a sit-down/take-out location in Cumberland, Rhode Island!
Montana Smith, public relations & events manager, Sonny's BBQ and NBBQA content contributor


5. Food trucks double as mobile billboards, so you can reach new customers, faster.


6. They can be a great way to test new menu items. You get valuable feedback without much risk.


7. Food trucks have limited workspace and only a few employees will fit inside, so you have to make sure you have the right team in place.


8. Food trucks are weather dependent. Factor that into your planning and be nimble enough to accommodate a change in plans.



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