Why would I put a page full of products dedicated to HORSE MANURE on my website? The fact is, if you've got horses, you've got manure. And lots of it. Most of us accept this as a not-all-that-unpleasant aspect of horse ownership. City folk pay to go to the gym. I can clean stalls for free! It's a great fitness workout routine - 7 days a week. Do kennel owners have an endearing relationship with dog poop? I doubt it. Do cat lovers speak of litter box cleaning as "therapeutic"? Uh, no. But for horse folk, it's all part of the lifestyle. Enjoy the humorous selection here
This crappy little trivia book makes a great gift!
The Little Book of Horse Poop is the perfect silly little gift for someone who seems to always be cleaning stalls - it's full of fun and useful facts about horse manure. According to the book, a single horse produces 50 pounds of manure per day, taking an average of three weeks to produce it's own weight in poop. If all the manure produced by horses in the US were properly composted, it would be valued at $147.3 million. With numbers like that, you'd better learn all about it that you can!
Who knew there was a club? Idk if there are actual meetings, etc, but we've got the shirts!
This one's been a favorite gift choice for all the years I've carried it. Sturdy heather grey blend hides dirt and, um, other things; washes up great with no special care in the laundry. Need laundry soap? That's here
New crappy sign tells folks where to go
If you are going to act like a TURD - Go lay in the PASTURE...
This goofy wood sign is a big hit every holiday season. It's surprisingly nice (if you can say that about something that refers to a turd) and is actually the first thing I go to when needing to choose an item for a White Elephant Gift Exchange; it's a good price (just under $25.) It always gets a chuckle, and is usually coveted by multiple gift openers before the game is over.
Like most of my products, this mug has a story behind it
It's an updated version of a previous design that had run it's course. There were issues with the lighter green mug's vendor, so I'd made the decision to axe it when stock ran out. Then, I got an order for several of them - more than I had on hand. The gal placing the order was actually in charge of processing a large vet clinic's equine fecal samples - so her days are, quite literally, the same sh*t. (She was shopping for Christmas early and these were to be her epically perfect gift to her co workers and bosses. At the same time, one of my good vendors had on closeout this Mid Century Modern styled mug in a shade of green that pretty much matches that which horses produce. How could I say "no" to the synchronicity here? Being creative and coming up with new stuff is hard - so I am not about to ignore any cosmic help that comes my way - in whatever form.
Send some crappy Christmas cards!
This is one of my favorite humorous cards. All three of them are thinking the same thing;
"Crap, Now we're lost. Who said the horse knows the way?"  
Well, in fact, the original idea that the horse knew the way was coined by Lydia Maria Child. And it was not originally a Christmas song, it was for Thanksgiving. Wikipedia tells us it was written as a poem, appearing in her Flowers for Children Vol. 2, in 1844. Although the modern Thanksgiving holiday is not normally associated with snow, New England in the early 19th century was enduring the Little Ice Age, (who knew?) a colder era with earlier winters. The complete verse with more historical info is here
Read a crappy story in this farrier book!
I have a limited number of Farrier/Author Ray Legel's book TAILS OF A HORSESHOER that are hand signed and personalized by the author. Farriers will enjoy the stories, including a crappy chapter; "Road Apple Assault".
Ray's candid account of his attack on his now ex-brother-in-law is not something that many folks would be brave enough to put in print about themselves:
"...He took off with juicy, green horse s**t smeared from sideburn to sideburn. I really do not think he was licking his lips..." 
Click here to order - and find out what happened after Ray meted out the deserved punishment on his good-for-nothing brother-in-law.

***note*** Ray's book is SELF PUBLISHED - meaning he did all the work involved in procuring the illustrations, typesetting, arranging for printing, and warehousing the printed copies. This is a huge effort beyond the writing part. The copies I have on hand are limited, and may very well be the last press run that he does. You can listen to a podcast and learn more about Ray here
The sterling silver ass (literally) necklace and earrings were grabbed immediately when I listed the samples on the one of a kind page - I thought they were cute but hadn't seriously considered them for the flyer until I saw that response. I guess folks really do want to wear asses on their ears and neck!
Hand cast in USA, these sterling silver ass pendants are remarkably accurate and detailed, right down to the frogs on the tiny hooves. Earrings and necklace are both 3/4" tall. Sterling silver chain is 18"
Need to clean up crap? We've got you covered in the laundry department.
I am always on the lookout for new products that my farrier and horsey customers might find useful.

So when I saw the pitch for this new laundry detergent - saying it would remove residual stink from clothes that had been sweated in repeatedly, I immediately thought of all the hard working farriers, horsewomen, hay balers, stall cleaners, etc. As a farrier's wife with a sensitive nose, I know all too well the phenomenon where freshly washed clothes still have a hint of funky odor wafting up as they're being transferred from the washer to the dryer.

The main selling point for Rockin' Green Activewear Detergent is that it gets rid of that. I ordered a sample and set about testing it for myself.
Let the record state that at 50-something, my laundry skills are somewhere around "expert"
So, I grabbed up an armload of my previously expertly laundered sports bras and tank tops, tossed them in the bathroom sink, added a tablespoon of Rockin' Green and filled with warm water. An hour later I didn't know whether to be astonished or grossed out. It really DOES do what they say. "Breaking down biological residues" sounds like fluffy marketing-speak... but that's exactly what happened.

If this detergent can extract that much residual dirt from this not-that-active middle aged woman's clothes, imagine what it can do for folks who really DO get sweaty and dirty! This 3 pound bag does up to 90 loads.
Not entirely convinced? Here's a picture of Billy's fly mask.
This mask was pretty pricey; I bought it when he had a serious eye injury and the meds I was using required him to wear something to block the sun. Injured eyes produce a lot of tears, which somehow manage to dry and create a crust that's nigh impossible to clean off.
Because the mask was so expensive, I was reluctant to trust my washing machine with it. Instead, the frequent cleaning needed was a laborious task that required a scrub brush to loosen the dried eye goop. An hour in the sink with a tiny bit of Rockin Green Activewear Detergent and the goop was gone. NO SCRUBBING!
What's on SALE?
My efforts to clear the warehouse (and my house- house) of accumulated oddball products continues to gain momentum. I've written about it before. The point continues to be, sometimes the space becomes more valuable than the items that are occupying it. So this is where most places say...   "our loss is your gain!" Well, check out this super-cheap stuff and BUY IT. And your gain will be my gain, too. Because I need that space on the shelf.
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