October 1st, 2018
1. Our MLO attorneys possess over a century of experience in education law and special-needs advocacy.

2. We have staff who possess multiple degrees in, and who pursue graduate studies in, Education, Psychology, and Special Education.

3. MLO’s unparalleled experience in litigating on behalf of children with disabilities and their families.

4. MLO is the only firm with a highly experienced attorney who concentrates in matters in the federal and state courts, which allows us to pursue cases wherever the circumstances require.

5. Our attorneys have extensive experience in addressing issues related to student harassment, bullying, and sexual misconduct, including Title IX issues.

6. Our extraordinary breath of experience in every type of special education issue, including appropriate programs, tuition reimbursement, least restrictive environment, discipline, compensatory education, etc.

7. We are always on the cutting edge of educational and legal issues, and our staff attends dozens of professional seminars and training sessions every year.

8. We provide over 100 free programs for families, educational professionals, attorneys, and advocacy groups every year, which keeps us in close touch with the many and varied issues facing the clients we serve.

McAndrews Law Offices, P.C. is a nationally recognized firm that provides families of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Area, and New Jersey with exceptional legal representation in Special Education, Estate Planning, and the representation of individuals involved in higher education allegations of misconduct.
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