August 2018

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8 Days and Counting!

President’s Message

This year's show just keeps getting better and better!

  • There are 23 breeds in the Individual Breed Classes (Tuesday) - plus the Parade of Breeds is back, following the IBC classes on Tuesday. Then join us for wine and cheese sponsored by Stoltzfus Feed and Supply and Buckeye Nutrition
  • On Saturday morning, meet us at the Pub at 9:30 when Lisa Schmidt, a USEF S dressage judge will lead a session for Adult Amateurs.
  • Our vendors, such as The Engraver (see below), Back on Track, Bassetts Ice Cream, Haverill Fine Jewelry, Le Fashion Cottage, ShowChic and many more are busy getting ready to give you the finest selections for your holiday shopping - for equestrians, future equestrians and non-equestrians alike. A full list of vendors can be found on our website.
  • Friday, mid-day is Ladies Hat Day - all visitors with hats (no baseball caps please) can join the fun around mid-day.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday will feature some of the best dressage performances worldwide - including the Grand Prix Musical Freestyle on Saturday night.
  • On Sunday, Father Douglas McKay from Saint Gabriel's Parish in Philadelphia will provide a Blessing of the Animals. Bring your pet! Then watch the future stars of dressage in the junior classes.

And there is so much more. Please join us!


Lori Kaminski
President, Dressage at Devon

Find Your Next Champion
No Matter What Your Equestrian Discipline

Dressage at Devon (DAD) hosts the largest open breed show in the world, with top breeders bringing their colts, fillies, stallions and mares to compete. 
“This year’s scheduling changes to the breed show will not only benefit our competitors, it will allow equestrians in all disciplines, as well as performance competitors, to view future champions in the Dixon Oval,” said Melanie Sloyer, Chair of the Breed Division at Dressage at Devon.

“The breeders at Dressage at Devon have been breeding top quality horses for years, if not decades,” added Sloyer. “Many go on to top dressage levels. But many others find their niche in hunters, jumpers and all other equestrian disciplines.”

Horses with a green dot on their bridle are for sale!

Oh the People (and Horses) You'll Meet!

Sure there are many top professionals who wouldn't miss Dressage at Devon. But there are plenty of people, with less recognizable names, who are also professionals and have devoted their lives to the equestrian world.
Here are just a few:

Adrienne Morella has an interesting and varied life. She's a model, a photographer and the owner of Shagya Arabians (see photo) a rare and unique breed. See her and her horses in Class 150 on Thursday. Go behind the scenes and meet her to learn more about the breed.

Paula Byrum Like many, Paula had a lifelong love of horses. She had been riding since was 8. But as an adult, life put her passion for horses on hold. Work and family took over. Then, the kids grew up and Paula was drawn back to horses. Not just riding though. She started her own breeding farm, Blue Heron Farm (Gilbertsville, PA), and has worked with some of the best breeders in the country. Her horses have been breed to top sires and her horses (Oldenbergs and Hanovarians) have been awarded some of the nation's highest honors.

Lisa Schmidt Lisa is the creator of Adult Amateur Dressage Access. She will be at the picnic area near the pub on Saturday morning at 9:30 for a conversation with Adult Amateurs and others, focusing on the unique challenges, issues and opportunities facing AAs. Get all those nagging questions answered!

Stacy Lynne Wendkos (Stacy Lynne Photography) Stacy's photo can be seen on the cover of the 2018 Dressage at Devon program. Her's was selected from a magnificent selection of photos submitted by DAD participating photographers. Thanks to all!
"I enjoy taking head shots of horses, especially the upper level ones that are correct in the bridle because of the regal bearing of the horse," commented Stacy.
Meet Stacy near the gift shop during the weekend to purchase a signed poster. (During the breed show she can typically be found by the ring)

Shopping is Great at Dressage at Devon

Visit your favorites and see what's new!
The Engraver Celebrates 37 Years at DAD
The Engraver is a full service engraving business based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and specializes in nameplates for the equestrian community.
For many, Barb and Jack Jacobsen are a familiar sight. 

The Engraver has been at Dressage at Devon since 1982 - longer than any other vendor. They've moved around the show grounds a bit but have been in their permanent location (Booth 62 - behind Barn 1) since 2011."Dressage at Devon is special to us. It was the first major show we did and it's always been a good show for us." Barb is also a member of the DAD Committee.

The Engraver also offers a complete line of personalized items suitable for everyone, from the individual, to horse show trophies and awards. Plus tote bags, keepsakes, belts, bracelets, gift items, handbags (from the Greenhill Collection), dog collars and leashes, and much more. .
Everything in the booth is handcrafted in the USA and all are The Engraver's our own unique designs. All engraving is done right at the horse show!

Don't forget to visit Barb and Jack (he's the one in the back behind the machine) while you're at DAD.

Consider advertising on the Dressage at Devon webcast.
Dressage a Devon is accepting applications for advertising during
the weekend webcasting of the show September 28-30, 2018. This webcast
reaches thousands in the USA and around the world.
For more information,
please contact John Henderson by emailing or calling 610-202-8343

A Word of Thanks!

We would like to thank our following sponsors that have signed up for the 2018 show!

Barnes and Beck * Broadfields 121 * Dubarry of Ireland * Graham Partners, Inc. * Hilltop Farm * Horseflight * Horse Tech * Iron Spring Farm * LM Custom Boots * Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center * Superior Equine Sires * The Horse of Course * Triple Crown Nutrition
We Want You!
There's Still Time to be a Part of Dressage at Devon!

Want to work at the gift shop surrounded by great merchandise? Interested in being a scribe? How about working in Hospitality? Ticket booth? No matter what your interest may be, we’d love your help. 
All volunteers will receive a gate pass good for the entire show and a parking pass good for the days that you volunteer. You will also receive lots of free cool stuff along with a program, pin, and mug. Plus see old friends and make new ones!
Volunteers are needed for the entire week. But whether you can help for a few hours, a day or the entire week, we need you!
There is only one Dressage at Devon - Experience it for yourself!
Visit for a description of volunteer positions, to get more information or to sign up!
**Please Note - There are new guidelines for scribes! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the Volunteer Page for updated procedures. Please email me if you have any questions!**