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Anne Phyfe Palmer
8 Limbs Founder
8 Limbs I  Questions

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer." - Zora Neale Hurston

When I sit down to write this monthly newsletter I often think I need to have some answer, or guidance, or yogic teaching to share. And sometimes there's something that naturally comes out in that way but I'll be honest with y'all, these days I have way more questions than answers whirling around in my head.

Some of them relate to the current political climate ("what the f*#&?" has been a pretty regular visitor), many are really quite privileged (take a yoga class or practice at home?; travel over spring break or stay in Seattle?), but mostly I've been digging deep into inquiry over how I want to be in the world, as a white, 46-year-old woman committed to being awake and aware while veils of ignorance continue to be pulled back. And that has not been easy, or comfortable. I've been, like many people I've talked to in the past few months, in and out of some pretty strong feelings, most of them not very fun.                  
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We at 8 Limbs believe that questions are part of life. We ask them regularly, as a business rooted in our commitment to inclusion, learning, and growth. We asked questions all day long in our February 8 Admin Staff Retreat (full report coming in the mid-March Newsletter). And there will be a monthly question in our 2017 ads in City Arts Magazine

If your head is full of questions, know that you are not alone. You are part of a community of seekers, curious and willing to hang out in the unknown. 

Welcome home. 

Anne Phyfe Palmer,
8 Limbs Founder and Studio Director

P.S. Is one of your questions "when is the next 8 Limbs class addressing Social Justice?" Check out the Events page next week for info on Yoga for Social Change, a free class with Mary Imani that is open to all on Saturday, April 8, 1-3pm at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill. Mark your calendars for this community event. 
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We hope you had a great month!

Staff Changes

We welcome Claudette Evans  to the position of Education Coordinator and thank Kathleen Dowd for three years of great programming! Bayshan Cooper (pictured, and featured in a recent Teacher Profile on our Blog) will take Claudette's place as Capitol Hill Studio Manager AND is joining the 8 Limbs Teaching Staff, along with Rosie Llewelyn , Tess Ball , Amy Petty , and Robyn Long

Next free Teacher Training info session is March 7. Register at in advance and receive a free class card upon attendance.

8 Limbs is committed to providing a learning environment for teachers and staff. We are always interested in receiving feedback about classes and teachers. Please complete a brief anonymous survey to share your thoughts with us. Thank you!

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