April 2018

1) Bondhus Sale-- ENDING SOON

Have you taken advantage of this great sale? It is ending on April 30th. You can find more special pricing (the flyer isn't big enough for all of them) on the website. 
Up to 50% off is a big deal! 

2) Harvey Tri-Form Thread


3) S witch to Flo-Lock 
Tool-Flo's Flo-Lock line of inserts will save you money & time over competitors' Top Notch Style. If you're currently using a competitors version w e can help you cross over or visit the Cross Reference Chart by following the link below. We're able to give you extra savings because Paragon is a Triple A Stocking distributor. Call us now through June 30th to take try Tool-Flo for less...ask for the Flo-Lock Promo. 

4) New Tool 

5) Iscar Logic Tools 

LOGIQ tool range

ISCAR introduces a new standard in cutting tool excellence with the LOGIQ range of tooling solutions. Designed to perform essential tasks in the most efficient possible method, LOGIQ tools achieve stable, vibration free machining with higher repeatability. LOGIQ-inspired tools reflect ISCAR'S commitment to deliver high 
quality products that increase productivity and profitability. More information about the Iscar Chess Line will soon be in your hands.  

6)  Ultra-Dex Collets 

Take advantage of this great promotional offer on Ultra-Dex Cat 40 & 10 collets.

7) 2nd Quarter Specials

See the specials going on now through June 30th. Flip through the sales flyer or browse the website to see what's going on. 
8) Four Goals of Manufacturing

...Manufacturers need policymakers to drive greater prosperity. The United States must create a dynamic environment that supports job creation and economic growth....

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