May 2018

1) Fowler & More Promos

There are some great deals right now and we're adding more. See where we can save you more money now by visiting our 

Fowler, Mitutoyo, Mahr Lights. Ultra-Dex, Data Flute, 
Arc Abrasives,  Brown & Sharp, Tool-Flo

Visit often, this is where you find the great deals. 

2) Meet Michelle 

In April Patti retired from PSC and as much as we miss her; Michelle has taken the position by the "paper stacks" and easily become a part of our team. 
This position is very important to our day-to-d ay business;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Patti training Michelle
accounts receivable, accounts pa yable, makes sure vendors received purchase orders, customers received what they ordered & many other duties.
Please be patient as Michelle learns how to work with all of you, our great customers. 

Welcome Michelle

Data Flute 

Commitment to High Quality

High Performance Tools

First and foremost, we provide the highest quality tool available. We are singularly focused on high-performance, solid carbide round tools.

4) S witch to Flo-Lock 

Tool-Flo's Flo-Lock line of inserts will save you money & time over competitors' Top Notch Style. If you're currently using a competitor's version, w e can help you cross over or visit the Cross Reference Chart by following the link below. We're able to give you extra savings because Paragon is a Triple A Stocking distributor. Call us now through June 30th to try Tool-Flo for less...ask for the Flo-Lock Promo. 

5) S teel Turning

"Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc., offers AC8000P series grades for steel turning. They feature advanced Absotech Platinum CVD coating for a longer tool life... "

Are you interested in the new line? Call us for pricing and availability. 800-726-8041
6)  Ultra-Dex Collets 

Take advantage of this great promotional offer on Ultra-Dex Cat 40 & 10 collets.

Changing Manufacturing
7) The Future of Manufacturing 

"Today, it would be possible to automate 50% of all work activities, and by about 2060, we'll definitely be capable in physical possibility..."

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8) SOWA Sale
Ending Soon

Did you see the 24" Single Beam Asimeto Digital Height Gage now on sale at incredible savings &  hundreds of other Sowa products now on sale thru May 31, 2018.  

  FREE LOCAL DELIVERY                  Paragon Supply Company Inc.
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