Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
Vol. 9, No. 6
A monthly compendium of caricatures and commentary about them
When I was a kid, Wonder Bread pretty much had the sandwich market spread (see what I did there?) -- at least in the New York City metro area -- with print, radio and television advertising touting its abilities to help "build strong bodies 8 ways!"

Decades later, I still like a good peanut butter & jelly, or tuna fish or cheese sandwich. The more recent scientific findings point out the nutritional merits of white bread are debatable, however, at least when compared with whole wheat bread.

Welcome to the Summer Solstice issue of
Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
from Caricatures by Joel

What isn't up for debate, though, is the curiously same number of attributes shared by the "nutritional" value of caricature art when applied to the "health" of a business.

Here, then, are 8 ways caricature art can benefit your business:

Corporate Events
This gentleman was a guest at a Wells Fargo gathering at the latter's Ballantyne offices. Caricatures at corporate events make for goodwill, especially as a "forever" take-away gift.
Another application of caricatures in the workplace are as acknowledgement for a career thus far well appreciated. In this case, "Charlotte" was honored on her 10th anniversary with Global Endowment Management. The personalization comes in the form of props or other indicators of items or experiences that have played an important part of her life.
Staff Parties
Seasonal employee events such as Christmas/holiday parties and picnics, like this one, show staff how much they're appreciated when everyone can loosen their collar and, for a couple of hours, forget the stresses of the workday. Along with the burgers, barbecue and coleslaw, Corey here got a nice, lasting keepsake.
Anyone can get a gold watch at their retirement. But how many get a customized work of art, uniquely rendered just for them, ready for framing and display at their home? Caricatures as retirement gifts make a warm personal statement that the company values their career contributions above and beyond traditional "bling."
Community Festivals
Companies can get a lot of mileage out of participating in community events -- such as the French Chamber of Commerce Festival thrown every summer here in Charlotte (a burgeoning international center to begin with). It's a great way to get name recognition among the public...with caricatures a much appreciated give-away.
As I like to say, caricatures aren't just for the boardwalk anymore. Here, Charlotte Division President of national home builder D.R. Horton, Richard Schwartz, is "joined" by a mask he's displaying of the late TV pitchman Ed McMahon in a sweepstakes campaign. Caricatures can go to work for you, too.
Social Media
Announcements, memes, Save-the-Dates or even staff avatars are other ways caricatures are making their presence felt through online activity and display.
Trade Shows
Ever go to a trade show and sample everything from food items to pens, candy to calculators, carrying bags to brochures routinely handed out to attendees? You know what they'll really treasure? A uniquely customized likeness of themselves they'll hold on to long after the other items fall into disrepair or are simply tossed into a drawer (or circular file?).

That does it for this issue -- see you again the first Tuesday of next month for more illustrations, more stories of the greatest thing since...sliced bread?
In the meantime, wishing us all good health, peace of mind
and the wisdom and fortitude to, as best as can be expected,
stay above the fray.

Joel Kweskin