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The turning seasons remind us of how time marches on and that change is inevitable. Various current events remind us of the changing times but it is the legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg that runs deep in our culture, reminding us that the path to equality for all is still being paved.

RBG's life purpose and passion gives us reason to celebrate and honor her and her influence on our current freedoms and rights. Her recent passing inspired me to read about her long running friendship with the late Justice Scalia in an opinion piece written by Eugene Scalia, U.S. secretary of labor and son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, in the Washington Post. What resonated with me is remembering to appreciate our differences.

According to Justice Scalia’s son, paraphrasing for length:

Appreciation for differences was as integral to the justices’ friendship as the similarities. She had made her mark as a pioneering advocate for women’s rights; my father was a traditional Catholic who came to prominence as a critic of activist courts. The two disagreed vigorously from the beginning to the end, although my father respected what she had achieved in an era when the deck was stacked against her. From her experience he gained insight and depth of understanding. He liked learning and could learn from her.

What we can learn from the justices - beyond how to be a friend – is how to welcome debate and differences. The two justices had central roles in addressing some of the most divisive issues and as they deliberated, they never condemned the other. Moreover, they believed that arriving at their own opinion thoughtfully and advancing them vigorously was essential to the national good. With less debate their friendship would have been diminished and so they believed would our democracy.  

Building the 8-koi team has been an intentional exercise in welcoming differences and appreciating varying perspectives. It’s the gift that each of us has to offer – our own unique experiences, knowledge, specialty – respectfully shared to advance and evolve our team for the greater good.

We’ve come a long way from where we started 12 years ago and recently celebrated our 12th anniversary on August 8. Our differences and unique abilities are the essential pieces that unify our big picture mission that we work collectively to uphold. In other words, each of our team members matter in delivering on our mission to provide cost-effective results to government agencies across the United States.

We continue to appreciate your perspective. 

How can we support you? Please send an email to, or call our office directly at 321.802.6768.

Stay healthy and safe,
Inga I. Young
Founder and President
As we come into the third quarter of the year and into a new season - taking pause to reflect on the four Ps that are my focus - overall we’ve been very fortunate at 8-koi despite the challenging year 2020 has been.

Putting people first – staying connected to employees and potential customers is a priority that hasn’t fallen to the wayside during the pandemic. We’ve instead adapted to the times, leveraged technology and continue to find new ways to stay informed and connected so we can support each other. Inga and I hosted a mid-year all hands meeting to brief the team on the state of 8-koi and plan to keep the momentum up with the next team meeting scheduled for December. Meanwhile we’re checking in with employees via survey to find out what we’re doing well and what we can improve.

  • Construction – Our construction team continues to run exceptionally well at NAS Jacksonville, Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Patrick AFB (PAFB) and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. So far this year we completed the Lasik (NAS Jax) and RIB (Kings Bay) efforts and the Chutes (NAS Jax) project continues to move ahead with high marks for customer satisfaction. Our KSC and PAFB customers keep coming back to us because of the superb work.

  • Healthcare - We continue to be the go-to company for anything regarding medical supplies: custom masks, 3-ply, KN-95s, sani wipes, face shields, Nitrile gloves, infrared thermometers, isolation gowns - all necessary during a pandemic. As a certified McKesson distributer, we have access to an enormous medical supply catalogue.

  • Design Engineering - Our Cape Design Engineering division is expanding with new hires and staying busy delivering high quality results. While we have multiple complex projects running simultaneously, the largest project this quarter is the Energy Conservation Measures for Eastern Florida State College with FPL Energy Services. 

  • Technical Administration – a new member to our team has been added to support the growing sector. The Navy Personnel Command in Millington, TN, is being supported by the good work of our crew and we continue to receive accolades for our NAVWAR and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) employees.

Pipeline – as we lean on virtual participation for conferences and to stay connected, we seek opportunities to expand into Texas, increase our CONUS footprint and pursue international opportunities.

Processes – utilizing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) we continue to efficiently tackle quarterly “Big Rocks.” As a team we identify, discuss and solve issues and move forward on projects. Organizationally we’ve implemented the 8-koi “ONE IT” strategy bringing all of our IT support inhouse with a dedicated support infrastructure.

None of this would be possible without the team members who work collaboratively under 8-koi’s mission. Our reputation for delivering high-quality results at a reasonable price has our customers coming back to us. Current customers continue to send referrals our way and we are grateful. We appreciate each of our customers and the trust they place in our team. 
Dean Rosenquist
Chief Operating Officer
For more information about how we can lend assistance to the COVID response as a WOSB, send an email.
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MEET THE TEAM :: Victor Diaz
Engineering Vice President
Victor Diaz serves 8-koi and its clients as the engineering manager and engineering VP of CDE. Since March of 2019, when CDE was sold to 8-koi, Victor was appointed to the lead engineering role – a position fit for Victor’s seasoned experience and extensive career in engineering.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico, Victor spent his early life going to school and working on the Caribbean island. In the early 90s, Victor earned his bachelor of science in engineering at the School of Engineering of the University of Puerto Rico. Fresh out of college, he worked for a local government agency in Puerto Rico designing illumination systems for roads and highways. Shortly after, he started working with a consulting engineering firm and has been in the business of consulting engineering ever since.

A career move in the early 90s brought him and his wife Catherine to Virginia Beach and a few years later to Orlando where he and his wife would stay and raise their two children, David and Sofia. During that time, for almost 10 years, Victor worked for a MEP consulting engineering firm TLC Engineering. He then went on to work for a small MEP company named Mater Engineering and the larger Architectural-Engineering firm Atkins North America.

In need of an electrical engineer and designer, CDE hired Victor in 2013. A year later another engineer joined the team and Victor took the opportunity to rejoin TLC for a higher position. Not long after, he returned to the family-oriented company he grew to miss and has been with CDE since February 2016.

Victor and Catherine have been married for 26 years and currently reside in a downsized apartment in Brevard, closer to work. Their grown children David (21) now lives in the US, returning from school in London, England, and Sofia (20) attends college in Madrid, Spain.
Outside of work, the Dave Matthew’s Band and Reggaeton fan is used to looking for fun at festivals, concerts, parks and at the beach. On the hunt for flavor, atmosphere and experiences, Victor looks forward to continuing his search in foreign places. 

“When I take vacations, we like to travel internationally if we can. We are big believers that travelling makes you more humble and realize that people around the world have many things in common and very little differences.” 

When you see Victor talk to him about good places to eat and sports, especially NBA basketball and European futbol.

As 8-koi continually grows its team, 8-koi President, Inga Young, was recently recognized by Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) for hiring a BAC member in the community.

About BAC and their mission:
We employ more than 800 people, the majority with disabilities, to fulfill state and federal contracts as partners with SourceAmerica, implementers of the AbilityOne Program, and RESPECT of Florida. Through these partnerships BAC directly employs people with all skill sets through innovative services, outreach and employment, BAC seeks to build a community that fully supports people of all abilities in achieving personal success.

The employment-population ratio for persons with a disability was 19.3 percent in 2019? The ratio for persons without a disability was 66.3 percent in the same year.

8-koi is expanding its team!
Currently seeking physicians in Bethesda, MD:
Organ Transplant Surgeon
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