company updates from 8-koi :: summer '20
I hope this email finds you healthy and well as we adjust to new ways of living, being and working. Our support for you during the COVID-19 pandemic remains steadfast. At 8-koi we are grateful for the work that keeps our minds active and our team busy seeking creative solutions to this crisis for the benefit of our people, community and country.

For us, focusing on what we can do allows us a choice in how we can harness the chaos to spark new opportunities and ideas, launch new ways of operating and forge even stronger connections with our clients and community. The 8-koi medical supply line of business has been working hard and filling purchase orders to get scarce and critical supplies to organizations in need. Currently 8-koi has fulfilled purchase orders for 577,600 3-ply masks for Indian Health Services in the Oklahoma City area as well as providing masks to West Palm Beach County, the Oklahoma National Guard and businesses supporting temporary hospitals in large cities.

Just as important, 8-koi has active healthcare personnel working hard to lend their expertise to the massive effort underway to care for all types of patients at U.S. Military medical facilities like Patrick Air Force Base in Florida and Fort Detrick in Maryland. We extend our heartfelt thanks to   Cheryl Sills, RN, CCM  at the  Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, TX who  assisted Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) to notify patients of their negative COVID-19 test results while  the Center was closed for direct care services she typically provides. Also working in the trenches from the beginning is senior medical trainer and training site director   Joe Ogershok, BS, NRAEMT  who temporarily left his post at  Fort Detrick to lend help take patient temperatures in New York City. This is an example of the 'human touch' we continue to offer to our customers - while wearing appropriate PPE, of course.

While the scale of impact is still unknown, we’re here and committed to working on additional ways we can help now and in the long term.

If the current state of the world has taught us anything, it’s that we are all connected and that we are surrounded by everyday heroes and acts of kindness if we choose to look for them. With the July 4th holiday celebrating the founding of our great nation upon us, we need to be united as Americans now more than ever. Even more so, we need to be united as human beings. I speak on behalf of our entire 8-koi team with some serving on the front lines and all of us living our own realities in diverse communities across the country. We at 8-koi feel deep empathy and concern for those who are suffering the most and who are uncertain about the future. We do not tolerate hate. We do believe in the power each of us has to to make change and do what is right. We stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. Each day we celebrate the everyday heroes who rise up with compassionate and creative solutions and gestures letting others know they aren’t alone. Amid uncertainty and social distancing, 8-koi is hopeful for the future and is striving to maintain our human touch.

Relationships keep us going - we’re all counting on each other.

How can we support you? Please send an email to, or call our office directly at 321.802.6768.

Stay healthy and safe,
Inga I. Young
Founder and President
We are committed to the well-being of our people and keeping them safe. As we adjust to a new normal to ensure smooth operations, we have taken steps to maintain our accessibility and responsiveness to our employees, teammates, and current and prospective customers.

To this end, while we have followed agency guidance to limit our attendance at live events, we are doing more to work with technology and connect with others virtually:

We are all learning as we go these days and can find strength in partnership. It's important for us to keep the door open and maintain reliability as we enter a new era of delivering excellence in business.

Let's all stay safe, wash our hands, help others, and keep it positive!

Dean Rosenquist
Chief Operating Officer
MEET THE TEAM :: Otto Herrera
Construction Vice President
When Otto was first hired at CDE in 2011 as a superintendent, safety officer and for quality control, he embodied three generations of construction business and experience as a former owner of an engineering and construction company that focused on design-build operations. Otto can remember being six-years-old and working on a rooftop with his grandfather nailing down shingles. The allowance he earned then got him a ticket to the dollar movies. The knowledge and experience his grandparents provided him propelled his career to current day where he serves 8-koi and CDE as VP of construction.

Otto was born and raised in Jacksonville where he currently works and lives with the “woman who makes my world go round” – a.k.a his wife Jennifer - and is a father to five “wonderful people.” In his youth he spent some time living in Nicaragua where his family is from and where his father was born. 

Outside of work Otto enjoys spending time with his family, at church, bowling, and roller skating. On the weekends you can find him at the local rink “providing instruction to the next generation of racers and Free Style Jam Skaters.” 

His entrepreneurial spirit lives on in his side hustle – TD Sauce, which stands for Totally Delicious! The all-purpose sauce can be used for nachos, salads, dipping and marinating and has been described as “fruit based with distinct flavor.”

As VP of construction, Otto understands the importance of guiding an organization under a singular direction and has an appreciation for each of the individuals that create the collective and unique culture of 8-koi.

“We have excellent people who are always striving for the best in all they do, and I consider it a pleasure to work with them all,” says Otto. “The team works together to maintain traction and momentum that make up the day-to-day triumphs and big wins.”

New Projects and Contracts
Our team procured these contract wins in the second quarter:

Government Sales include:
590,000+ 3-ply masks 
600,000+ Boufant Caps
40,000+ Shoe covers

Commercial Sales include:
270,000+ Nitrile Gloves
4,700+ KN95 Masks
63,000+ 3-ply masks
500+ Tyvex Suits

NAS Jacksonville – 101 FRSCE Column Fire project
Kennedy Space Center – Various Mechanical Systems Replacement

Kennedy Space Center BOSS Contract Support
Kennedy Space Center - Replace Fire Alarm system at Hangar AE
For more information about how we can lend assistance to the COVID response as a WOSB, send an email .
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In a timely response to skyrocketing demand for PPE, 8-koi shifts gears to meet current and projected growth in personal protective equipment.

"Today we are fully entrenched and offer a portfolio for PPE products to businesses, government agencies and to the public," said businesswoman Inga Young, president and CEO of 8-koi.


COVID-19 isn’t the only factor driving PPE demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 47% of fatal work injuries reported in 2018 occurred among construction workers. With construction on the rise, so are injuries and demand for adequate and efficient PPE.

 - Fortune Business Insights
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