Work Less and Accomplish More
By Eric Gilboord

Feel like your efforts are not achieving the results you'd like? Working harder is not always the answer. We get so many irons in the fire we forget to pull the hot ones out. Overwhelm sets in and then everything suffers. 

Sometimes working less will deliver better results. I've been practicing what I preach and the results are amazing. I'm seeing more quality opportunities come together easier and enjoying my life much more. You can too!

Here are 8 quick suggestions for working less and accomplishing more. 
  1. Focus on the important stuff vs hiding inside the rest. It's easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of the goal.
  2. Thinking time vs reacting time is key. The old expression measure twice and cut once is actually true. This includes thinking outside the box, looking at it from a different angle and getting someone else's perspective through fresh eyes. You're sure to see other better ways to tackle a challenge or reach a goal.
  3. Work on what you're passionate about. That's when nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal.
  4. Luxuriate in the activities you enjoy. Do the stuff you like to do and it's not work.
  5. We know 20% of our customers deliver 80% of sales. What we don't do is keep the top 20% really happy. Many of us unfortunately spend too much time looking for new customers and forget the ones we already have. Go on pick up the phone right now and start taking them to lunch.
  6. Find more of the 20% type and spend less time trying to land and service the 80% customer. This is a significantly better use of your time.
  7. Check your accounting records, 20% of your products or services are 80% of your sales. Lead with these and the others will follow.
  8. Spend your free time enjoying family and friends, volunteer work, philanthropy or quietly thinking about the next move.
Please give me a call 416-270-2466 or send a quick email I'd like to know which points resonate for you.

Cheers, Eric

Eric Gilboord
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