80-20 is a national, nonpartisan, Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Americans

Giving Tuesday: Give to Others and Help All of Us!
Do you want political action to help our youth to gain equal access to top universities ?
Do you want political action to fend off prejudice and discrimination ?
Do you want political action to break the glass ceiling that is still over us ?
We hope you do. 80-20 Political Action Committee is fighting for you, and shouldn't you give by joining us today?
Happy Giving Tuesday!

Yin-Long Qiu, Co-coordinator, yinlongqiu@gmail.com

Kathleen To, Co-coordinator, kathto0311@gmail.com

80-20 PAC

P.S. On last Friday (11/24), 80-20 PAC sent out a ballot for the 2017 officer & board election to all dues-paying PAC members. If you did not receive the ballot, please check your spam box, promotions box, or social box. Please vote!