80-20 is a national, nonpartisan, Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Americans
What Does This Holiday Mean to You?  
The concept of holidays often originated in connection with religious observances. The intention of a holiday was typically to allow individuals to tend to religious duties associated with important dates on the calendar. In most modern societies, however, holidays serve as much of a recreational function as any other weekend days or activities.” 

As the newest and most rapidly rising racial/ethnic group in the U.S., we Asian Americans may still have some duties to ourselves besides having parties or making travel for fun in this holiday season. In early days of America , the Founding Fathers made tremendous sacrifice to win independence of the Colony and left long-lasting legacy. To realize our American dream, we may need to emulate the Founding Fathers, as for Asian Americans we are of that generation. Joining 80-20 PAC is probably the closest act you can take, because our mission is to win equal opportunities for ALL Asian Americans.

Happy Holidays!

Yin-Long Qiu, Co-coordinator,  yinlongqiu@gmail.com 
Kathleen To, Co-coordinator,  kathto0311@gmail.com 

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