80-20 is a national, nonpartisan, Political Action Committee dedicated to winning equal opportunity and justice for all Asian Americans
Double Our Membership in Six Months!    
80-20 PAC  is at a historic time of growth and reform, thanks to Lt. Governor Dr. S. B. Woo's and many of his associates' two decades of tireless campaigning in and  assiduous work with Asian American communities. With  a new team  in place and more young and energetic volunteers coming in, we are poised to develop into a leading Asian American political force. At a time when America is truly becoming a more perfect union, we Asian Americans must actively participate in the political processes of this democracy. 
Our current membership  stands at slightly shy of 1,000. Historically, about 8,000 people joined our PAC over a 20-year period. Our goal is that in six months we will double our membership by 1) convincing you  to join , 2) persuading former members to renew ,  and 3) asking current members to recruit new members . Think about this: how much can $35 or $50 buy over the holidays? Wouldn't it be better if you would invest into this steadily increasing stock called 80-20 PAC, for yourself, your family, and your future generations in this great country that we all call home! 
Please see some  examples of our recent success stories fighting discrimination against our youth by elite colleges, and engaging presidential candidates  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton  to urge them to help us win equal opportunities at federal judgeship appointments, at workplaces and in college admission . These were all the results of the work of volunteers, including many of you, over the last 20 years. Volunteerism and activism are some of the most fundamental values that have made America what it is today. 80-20 can only be as strong as you want her to be.  Please join us .  
Happy Holidays!  

Yin-Long Qiu, Co-coordinator, yinlongqiu@gmail.com

Kathleen To, Co-coordinator, kathto0311@gmail.com

80-20 PAC