Fact 1
Asians have been the fastest growing racial group in the U.S. since 2000, with a total population of 21 million now, or 6.5% of the total U.S. population of 323 million.

Fact 2
Asian Americans have the highest household income: $77,166 (vs. national average $56,516).

Fact 3
Asian Americans are the least politically active racial group in the U.S. Among nearly 4000 political action committees in the U.S., there are only a handful of them that are Asian.

Fact 4
80-20 Initiative is the ONLY national Asian American organization to tackle the lowest glass ceiling our adults face at the work place and the highest college admission standard our youngsters face.

Remember, on the 4th of July, our national anthem closes with "O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave"! We at 80-20PAC are brave enough to correct the wrongs against us.

Please join us!

Yin-Long Qiu & Kathleen To
80-20 National Asian American PAC