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80 New Digitized Quilting Designs 
We now have 1,500 designs in our library! 
It has been six months since I updated our on-line store with new patterns. There are now 80 new designs for your stitching pleasure!
To focus on the new designs, download our "Digitized Stitching Brochure" and look at the following groups: Easter, Feathers/Ferns, Flowers/Leaves, Hearts, Kid's Animals, Miscellaneous, Monograms, Modern, Theater, Wedding Ring - Feather, and Wild.  The groups most changed are "Wild", "Theater", and "Modern".
I can't show all of the new designs in this email! But, our design brochure can be downloaded from our web-site at www.ForeverInStitches.com . However, 2 of the 80 new patterns are shown at the bottom of this email.  
Also, this is the perfect time of year to give special attention to: Halloween, Christmas, Christian, and Seasons. The time is fast approaching when clients will be asking for these designs!   
As a longarming shop, we appreciate your need to keep your costs as low as possible. I have lowered the price of many of the digitized pattern sets so that patterns are generally less than a dollar each. There are some exceptions to that rule, but the average cost per pattern is $0.75
To minimize costs we sell these patterns in 78 groups. There are an average of 19 patterns per group with an average cost per group of $14.38.
Additionally, we sell the entire library of 1,500 designs for $300, a 75% discount over buying the individual groups! This means that the average pattern cost is twenty cents when purchasing the entire library!
The longarming design compatibility chart can also be viewed on our web-site under the "Digitized  Quilting Designs" logo.  
All designs are downloadable immediately upon purchase from our web-store and for an additional 4 days thereafter. If you want to have the designs shipped on a flash drive, that is an additional option and expense.  
All domestic sales are done through our web-store which can also be reached through our web-site. The US sales of the entire library includes shipping and an 8GB flash drive. International sales can be downloaded, but the sale must be done by email and phone or Skype.
Additionally, all "entire library" sales made during the month of September 2017 will receive all designs created through the end of 2017 via email at no additional cost! 
As samples I will show you two of the 80 new designs. This first, shown to the right is the E2E pattern to the "Lovely Flower" series that is part of the "Flowers/Leaves" group. This was designed specifically for Raggedy Ruth Designs soon-to-be-released quilt pattern for all bed sizes titled "The Old Italian Mosaic". This design also comes without the stem leaves to speed up stitching and provide more unstitched space if that is your preference. 
The second sample is the recently added corner to the "Ruby Slippers" series. This series also includes a chain and a meander. It can be found in the group "Theater".   
I am sure you will enjoy the current release of patterns.
Please feel free to contact me at any time via email or phone, both of which are shown in the letterhead.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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