86% of 155 ATC Students Reading On Level!!
The results are in! After seven months of "regular year" tutoring plus two months of summer tutoring - every last bit of it virtual, mind you - 86% of ATC students are on track for success in second grade, reading on or above grade level, with another 8% of students ending just one level short. This was due to the outstanding dedication of ATC's volunteers, staff and board, the hard work of ACPS teachers, the unwavering support of ATC's funders, and unprecedented cooperation with students' families. We tutored 155 children in 7,652 sessions. We tutored in the face of many challenges: technology, scheduling, Zoom fatigue, noise, and the pernicious "general wiggliness". We did it with patience and joy. ATC volunteers weathered it all to help kids learn to read during a pandemic and we owe them, and everyone who made this year possible, a huge thanks.
Teacher after teacher told us about the enormous systemic impact of ATC's work helping so many of their students. We also heard from parents about the impact ATC made at the individual level. From Book Buddies mom Vanessa Hernandez (featured with her other children, listening to Roxana read): "My daughter Roxana was struggling to read. She was behind her reading level. Ms. Courtney (an ATC Book Buddies Coordinator) introduced us to Ms. Andrea, my daughter's reading tutor. My husband and I noticed the attention and effort Ms. Andrea put in since Day #1. She would offer tips to spell or write a word correctly in a wonderful way which didn't discourage my daughter or make her feel bad. I have to say, I picked up tips from Ms. Andrea that I will keep in mind and practice when I help my kids with spelling. I can't be more proud of my daughter because she's at the level she needs to be and that's thanks to Ms. Andrea and the Book Buddies program. I want to thank you all for making this possible and helping not only my daughter but more families who are going through the same situation with students learning to read."
Celebrating 6 Years of Excellence
ATC Board Chair Frank Stiff, former Chair Yvonne Folkerts, Executive Director Lisa Jacobs
The ATC board paid tribute to outgoing board member Yvonne Folkerts. Yvonne ends her six-year tenure in which she served as Board Secretary (two years) and then Board Chair (four years), presiding over the organization as it tightened up governance, revamped the entire fundraising model and deepened the academic program. Under Yvonne's leadership, ATC created the Program Advisor position, hiring an expert literacy instructor to provide training for staff and tutors and to ensure ATC adheres to the Book Buddies curriculum, consistently delivering the best reading support possible. ATC would not be the dynamic and successful organization it is today without Yvonne's years of devoted service. Thousands of Alexandria's children - both past and future - will learn to read due to her hard work and dedication. We have been privileged to have had Yvonne at the helm.
Children Helping Children
ATC students this year will be the lucky recipients of tutoring supplies and fun motivational items collected by Old Presbyterian Meeting House (OPMH) Vacation Bible School attendees last week. We cannot wait to share all of these materials with our Book Buddies students, and we commend the OPMH kids who chose Alexandria's struggling readers as the beneficiaries of their generosity. Thank you, OPMH kids and families!
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Lisa Jacobs, Executive Director