Nov 6, 2023

The Devilish Duel at Mt. Woodson Results

Vampires, Ghouls, Witches and other Crazies

The 8th annual Devilish Duel was a "howling" success with a total of 72 festive participants making up 35 pairs meeting for an 8:00 a.m. shotgun for our format of the day: 6/6/6

Better Ball on Holes 1-6

Alternate Shot on Holes 7-12

Scramble on Holes 13-18

We had three flights, with 1st Place winners receiving $100 cash, 2nd Place winners receiving $70 cash, and 3rd Place winners receiving $30 each. CTTP winners received $10

Ties were broken using the lowest net score of the Alternate Score section.


1st place - Max Homa and his caddie Joe Greiner, I mean Jax Jacquez and Bethan Selan with a whopping -10

2nd place - The Beach Body Beauties: Eunhwa Lenehan and Denise Nelesen with a net -4 in a card off. Alt Shot score was 23

3rd place - The Angry Birds - Kim Greco and Jen Levin at -4 and an Alt Shot score of 26


1st place - The Barbies with hair attitude: Beth Davidson and Jen Faye at -6

2nd place - The Stealths - Pam Pongratz and Paula Smith at -5

3rd place - The Chickens - Sharon Henry and Missie Jacobs at -2


1st place - The Black Ghouly Skeletons - Kim Davis and Lis Eddy at -6

2nd place - The Witches - Cretia Hadley and Marie Shannon at -1

3rd place - The Orange and Blacks - Pat Haberman and Lisa Schmidt at +1


Hole 6

Flight 1 - Paula Smith

Flight 2 - Kathy Kendric

Flight 3 - Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie

Hole 16

Flight 1 - Kim Greco

Flight 2 - Natalie Hobson

Flight 3 - Pat Haberman


Most Disturbing Costume goes to the Beach Bodies: Eunhwa Lenehan and Denise Nelesen.

The Best Hair Award goes to Javonda Franklin and Suzanne LaTour, black and weird Barbie!!

The Costume to Garner the Most Social Media Activity goes to Jax Jacquez and Bethany Selan as Max Homa and his caddy.

The Best Sports Related Costume: The Ninjas: Katy Wright and Kelly Johnson

And BEST OVERALL goes to Rebecca Bolander and Tina Fletcher as the Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat.

With an Honorable Mention to our PGA Pro Golfer turned Announcer: The Johnny Millers: Cindy Mason and Mary Michel.

Thank You to Our Event Captains

The Jailbirds! Melissa Bright and Susan Crawford

And a huge thank you to our Volunteers!!!

Thank you to Chris Shorkey, Meghan Smith, Rhonda Myers, Pam Pongratz, Wendy Eagle and Sharon Council for all their help with registration, 50/50 raffle, pairing up singles and all the yummy snacks out on the course! And a big thank you to Mary Shepperd for creating our Local Rules for the event. All your tremendous help is much appreciated and most certainly led to a successful event!

Fun Pics from our Tricky Day

Flight 1 - 1st Place Winners!

Max Homa and Joe Greiner - figures!!!

a.k.a. Jax Jacquez and Bethany Selan

Flight 1 - 2nd Place Winners

Beach Body Beauties - Eunhwa Lenehan and Denise Nelesen.

Denise, there appears to be an "almost wardrobe malfunction happening"!!!

Flight 1 - 3rd Place Winners

The Angry Birds smiling, sort of - Kim Greco and Jen Levin

Flight 2 - 1st Place Winners

The Barbies with Hair 'tude - Jen Faye and Beth Davidson

Flight 2 - 2nd Place Winners

The Stealths - Pam Pongratz and Paula Smith

Flight 2 - 3rd Place Winners

The Chickens - Missie Jacobs and Sharon Henry

Flight 3 - 1st Place Winners

The Black Ghouly Skeletons - Kim Davis and Lis Eddy

Flight 3 - 2nd Place Winners

The Witches - Cretia Hadley and not pictured, Marie Shannon who flew away on her broom before the cash arrived!!!

Flight 3 - 3rd Place Winners

The Orange and Blacks - Pat Haberman and not pictured, Lisa Schmidt, who took an Uber pumpkin chariot home before the cash arrived

Best Overall Costume Award Winners

The Cheshire Cat and the Rabbit

Tina Fletcher and Rebecca Bolander

And you did golf like that!

The "Most Disturbing Costume" Award Winners

Beach Body Beauties

Eunhwa Lenehan and Denise Nelesen

All that attention didn't detract from your play!!!

The "Best Hair" Award Winners

The "Up Doo Barbies"

Suzanne LaTour and Javonda Franklin

The "Costume garnering the most Social Media Attention" Award

Joe and Max

Bethany Selan and Max Homa

Sure hoping Max reaches out again with some tickets to the Masters or something!!

The best "Sports Related Costume" Award

The Ninjas

Katy Wright and Kelly Johnson

An honorable mention goes to best Costume depicting "PGA Player turned Announcer" Award goes to

Johnny Miller squared

Cindy Mason and Mary Michel

Dina Mauger, the Top Cop bringing the Nuns, Jackie Glynn and Taylor Coleman to their knees and praying

Wait! Aren't nuns always on their knees and praying??

Evil Law Breakers hiding behind a habit. Dina is too smart for that.

OR she's going to Hell!!

Law Breakers, Adrienne Acre, Melissa Bright and Susan Crawford caught escaping from San Quentin by Top Cop, Dina Mauger.

Damn! She was busy this day. How did she manage to play golf too?

Give that cop a raise OR MORE POPS!!

Jimmy Garoppolo Past, Gina Menicucci and Jimmy Garoppolo Present, Karen Bridges

Jimmy's been benched and should take up Golf!!!

Barbie-ish gals, Nancy Homer and Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie

Are they smiling because they just saw where Cheri's ball landed on Hole 6?

Closest to the Pin for Flight 3, that's where!!!

Poster Child for the "Do you need to see a Dentist near you" Campaign,

Vida Vela, Michele Vela (the after pic), and the Crazy Hair Barbies,

Javonda Franklin and Suzanne LaTour

Susan Crawford showing off the fortune cookie insert claiming a long life for those with Crazy Hair. She held an auction afterwards with Jen Faye, Javonda Franklin, Suzanne LaTour and the Johnny Miller's, Cindy Mason and Mary Michel. Not sure who got it.

The Yin and the Yang. Rhonda Myers and Megan Smith implementing some

Mental Game Strategies for the Golf Game.

How'd that work out for ya?

The Stealths - Paula Smith and Pam Pongratz

The Egg and the Chicken. What came first?

Mindy Sam Davis and Laura Kampfhenkel

Don't worry Mindy, snakes may not eat eggs, but they will eat chickens.

OMG where is Laura???

Katie Fontaine and Laura Burnside

Some Funny Witches, but without their "Sticks"!! Oh wait, they are on the cart.

Will the "REAL" Barbie Please Stand Up?" Jen Faye, Beth Davidson,

Javonda Franklin and Suzanne LaTour

Pat Haberman and Lisa Schmidt, the Boo Crew.

Enjoying this beautiful day

Pat Haberman and Lisa Schmidt, the Boo Crew with the Napoleon Dynamite Actors, Stacey Musso and Kelly DeMello

Enjoying this beautiful day.

Dina Mauger, Top Cop with escaped Felon Adrienne Acre, who, FUN FACT - was incarcerated for stealing all the pink and purple and blue clothing from

retail stores in the Mall.

Stacey Musso as Pedro and Kelly DeMello as Napoleon Dynamite


Stacey Hayashi, Gina Menicucci, Karen Bridges and Marie Horn soaking up the sun.

Katy prayed with the Nuns prior to taking the tee for her "Hole in One"

The "Hole in One" on Hole 3

Happy Katy Armas

She was playing behind the LPGA group, but saw how much fun we were having and will play with us next year, right Katy???

The 19th hole at Mt. Woodson

Lois Spence, Paula Smith, and Kim Greco raising a glass of wicked potion.

Thank you Melissa for that Fabulous Pulitzer Prize winning Poem to get us started and remind us about Pace of Play!!

The day turned out to be gorgeous.

Thank you Mt. Woodson, for having the LPGA Amateurs!

We'll see you again at our 9th Annual Devilish Duel next year!
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