January Confirmation Session
Welcome to our fourth, at home, Confirmation session for our 8th graders! If you have not completed last months work, please go back and complete before you move onto January's work. Below you will see bullet points of what needs to be accomplished for this month. Your teens can print off this email and use it as a checklist to help them make sure they have everything completed:

  • Watch the Potter's Hand Video. This can be found at the top of this email under the line "January Confirmation Session"

  • Read Chapter 4 and complete prompts on page 65 and 67. Everyone should have received their "Anointed in the Spirit" Confirmation book. If your 8th grader has NOT received this book, please contact Corey Lesko at, clesko@stritaparish.com .

  • Family Activities
  • As a family partake in a Laying on of hands prayer. Gather as a family and each person will take a turn being prayed over by the family. When it is someone's turn they will stand in the middle, while the other family members place their hand on the designated persons shoulder or head. You can also just extend your hand if this is more comfortable. After this each of the family members says a prayer for the family member in the middle. Do this till everyone has had a turn to be prayed over.
  • Family Fun Activity if you have playdough or clay:
  • Playing with playdough or praying with playdough can be an interesting experience! Many of us have not played with clay or play dough since we were small children. Let us use something from our childhood to bring us closer to God.
  • 1) Take lumps of clay and mold them into shapes of different parts of creation for which you would like to thank God.
  • 2) Mold the clay into something that represents you. As you mold, ask God to mold you in the same way you are molding the clay. 
  • 3) Simply mold the playdough in your hand as you talk to God. 

  • Survey. Every month we will send out a survey for the teens to fill out. This is how we will check in to make sure all work for the month as been completed. The Survey must be completed by the end of the month. If work is not completed the teen will be marked absent. Click Here for Survey
With the Holy Spirit,
The Confirmation Team

Saint Rita Parish