Unlike some other videos I've run on 9/11 over the past week, there is no debate about the facts discussed here.

James Corbett has released the most exhaustive video about the numerous war games that were taking place on 9/11. The sheer number of different drills taking place that day is overwhelming to contemplate. That they were coordinated to take place concurrently and that this fact was diabolically exploited to pull off the tightly-scripted atrocities engineered to change our world is what's most disturbing of all.

On 9/11, our National Security Infrastructure was weaponized against itself. As many as 29 full simulated attacks continued to be injected into the radar screens of air traffic controllers throughout the attacks and even after they had ended, making it very difficult for them to properly respond. An overabundance of fighter jet exercises being conducted in the region of the hijackings made it additionally confusing to separate simulations from "real world". Inexplicably, over a dozen commercial planes squawked hijack codes from their transponders before being escorted down by fighter jets, including a Korean airliner over Alaska.

The late Michael Ruppert, shown speaking about this here says that these war games, code named Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Guardian, Northern Vigilance and Tripod 2 paralyzed the air traffic controller response during the "actual" attacks and these turned out to be the "Holy Grail" of Ruppert's 9/11 investigation.

Corbett asks, "What does it mean when a simulation of a catastrophic and catalyzing event takes place at the exact same place and time as that event is happening in real life? This is one of the many crucial questions of 9/11 that have been swept under the rug over the past 17 years but it is not a rhetorical question. It is a very real question with a very real answer and until that question is answered, we will never find justice for the victims of 9/11 [and the wars launched in its name]."

Running Time: 56 min

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