News along the Road to Re-Opening. September 13, 2020

We had planned to report this week on our first Parking Lot Shabbat; however, the weather did not cooperate and we were forced to cancel our plans on Friday afternoon due to a forecast of heavy rains and localized flooding.

So what’s next?

  • Due to the upcoming holidays and related activities, we will schedule the next Parking Lot Shabbat after mid-October.  
  • We continue to make plans for eventually opening up for other activities. We will update you after Yom Kippur on our plans for returning to Shabbat services.  
  • The CBS Brotherhood has volunteered to erect the Siegel Family Sukkah in a way that follows health and safety guidelines. While we will not be able to have a full schedule of activities in the sukkah this year, look for more information on how those who are interested can stop by the sukkah to fulfill the mitzvah of leisheiv ba-Sukkah.  
  • For those who submitted their Acknowledgement and Waiver forms in anticipation of attending services in the parking lot this week, Thank You. Your forms will be kept on file and it will not be necessary for you to submit new ones for future activities. If you have not yet submitted a waiver form, you can submit it at any time and we will keep it on file.

Next week’s Update may be late due to the holiday. L’Shana Tova Tikateivu. 

Steve Shepard
Re-Entry Task Force Chair