February 8, 2023
9 BHS students named All-State Musicians
At the Feb. 7 Barrington 220 Board of Education meeting, the Board recognized nine Barrington High School students who have been named All-State Musicians by the Illinois Music Education Association! Students are vetted through a rigorous audition process at the district and state level. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Ella Beaubien: All-State Choir (Alto)

  • Evan Cui: All-State Orchestra (Violin)

  • Kenny Guo: All-State Orchestra (Violin)

  • Immanuel Hall: All-State Choir (Tenor)

  • Matthew Hur: All-State Orchestra (Cello)

  • Ethan Kim: All-State Band (Clarinet)

  • Samuel Pluister: All-State Choir (Bass)

  • Grayson Seitz: All-State Choir (Tenor)

  • Jimmy Zhang: All-State Band (Percussion)
BHS tennis coach named IL Coach of the Year
At the Feb. 7 Board meeting, the Board recognized John Roncone, who has been named the Illinois High School Tennis Coaches Association 2A Boys’ Coach of the Year! Roncone has been the head coach of the Boys Tennis Team for the past 22 years. He also spent nine seasons as the assistant coach for the Girls Tennis Team and Boys Tennis Team. He has taught in the social studies department at BHS for the past 29 years and has been the Social Studies Department Chair since 2014. He was the district's summer school principal from 2001-2005 and has served on many district committees through the years. 
Superintendent of Schools next steps
In her President's Report at the Feb. 7 Board meeting, Sandra Bradford shared that the Board will send out more information later this week regarding next steps following the anticipated departure of Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Hunt at the end of the school year. The Board has reviewed and affirmed the New Superintendent Profile Report, which was created in fall 2020 with input from Barrington 220 stakeholders. The Board recognizes the importance of Board leadership during this time of transition and acknowledges the significance of stability and continuity in the district.
Student fees to remain flat for 23-24 school year
At the Feb. 7 Board meeting, the Board approved student fees for the 2023-24 school year. The fees will remain the same as this school year, with the exception of culinary arts courses at the high school, in order to cover the cost of food. The high school has elevated the curricular pathway for the culinary courses, which includes cooking more frequently and using higher quality food. Click here to learn more about student fees in Barrington 220.
Board to hold public hearing on school calendar
The Board will hold a public hearing at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting about changing a Board policy related to the school calendar. The current policy states that the target first day of school will be no earlier than August 20. The proposed change is to make the target first day of school no earlier than August 18 and no later than August 22. This change would allow more flexibility in designing the school calendar each year, which would ensure greater continuity of instruction throughout the school year for students and staff. The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will take place on Feb. 21 at 7pm. Click here to listen to the discussion regarding the school calendar.
Potential new fine arts center at BHS
In his Superintendent's Report at the Feb. 7 Board meeting, Dr. Hunt shared that the district recently held a kick-off meeting to begin creating the design work for a potential new fine arts center at BHS. Next week, Board members will tour fine arts centers at various facilities. Between now and the end of the school year, the district plans to engage stakeholders in order to create conceptual designs and a shared vision for a fine arts center that will meet the needs of the school and community.

The design work was an identified project within the $147 million dollar referendum that Barrington 220 area voters approved in March 2020. Although the cost to build a new fine arts center was not included in the referendum, creating the design work will provide the Board of Education and community with the necessary information to determine appropriate next steps.
Board to receive update on Framework 220 strategic planning process in March
In his Superintendent's Report at the Feb. 7 Board meeting, Dr. Robert Hunt provided an update on the district's strategic planning process, Framework 220. Design teams for each of the district's six strategic priorities worked during the first half of the school year to establish work areas within each priority. The Board will learn more about the work areas and objectives under each priority at its regularly scheduled meetings in March. 
Board to vote on Instructional Materials Report
At the Feb. 7 Board meeting, the Board heard a presentation about the proposed 2023-24 instructional materials report, which is the district’s annual list of textbooks and instructional materials that are being used in classrooms. The district has a robust curriculum review cycle in order to ensure curriculum is dynamic and meeting the needs of students. Click here to view the proposed changes, which are highlighted in yellow. The Board will vote on the 2023-24 instructional materials report at its next regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 21. Click here to listen to the presentation.
Boys and Girls Club to upgrade former Woodland School
In his Superintendent's Report at the Feb. 7 Board meeting, Dr. Hunt shared an update on the former Woodland School in Carpentersville. Last November the Board approved the sale of Woodland to the Dundee Township Park District. The park district is working with the Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township, which has received a $2 million federal grant to renovate the facility. The new Woodlands Impact Center will make a difference in the lives of local middle and high school students through after school and summer programs. 
Grove Avenue student selected as Star-Spangled Student
At the Feb. 7 Board meeting, Grove Avenue Elementary 5th grade student Leela Upadhyay led meeting attendees in reciting the pledge of allegiance. This is part of an initiative at Board meetings called the "Star-Spangled Student" which recognizes exemplary students. Leela was recognized for her tremendous growth both personally and as a learner. Through her journey with selective mutism, she has continuously pushed herself, persevered to overcome challenges and demonstrated bravery. During her time at Grove she has participated in orchestra, basketball, morning announcements, the Barrington 220 Speech Tournament, and Girl Scouts.