May 2022
What's happening and what matters in construction supply, from Webb Analytics President Craig Webb.
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5 Signals from LBM's Q1 Earnings Season
to Factor Into Your Second-Half 2022 Plans
What are some of the nation's biggest dealers, distributors and manufacturers saying about their prospects for this summer, fall, and winter? They provided both outlooks and insights in their quarterly earnings reports and analyst meetings. Here's a roundup. More
Coming Wednesday, May 18: The CS150 Webinar
The Construction Supply 150 webinar brings together three experts who, together with report author Craig Webb, will reveal the key trends, threats, and opportunities that they've found in LBM's most comprehensive state-of-the-industry report: The just-released 2022 Construction Supply 150.
Joining Webb will be:
Steve Yates, President, North America, Buildxact
Graham Rigby, Sales Director, Epicor Software
Mai-Tal Kennedy (pictured here), Staff Leader, Building Industry Partners' Center of Excellence.
This one-hour webinar is your opportunity to learn from--and ask questions of--the man who compiled the report as well as from experts on LBM trends, information technology, and worker satisfaction. Can't attend the live session? Register anyway, and you'll get access to the recording. It's free. Register here.
Ready for Download: The Most Comprehensive Guide to America's Most Important LBM Dealers
Hundreds of people already have downloaded the 2022 Construction Supply 150, Webb Analytics' report on how much America’s key lumber and building material operations changed last year. If you haven't already, here's your chance. This 52-page PDF covers 150 LBM dealers, home centers, and hardware chains that last year took in nearly $374 billion in the U.S. plus another $20.6 billion in Canada and Mexico. It also shows how segments of the 150 grew last year at far different rates than they did the previous year. No other public report is so comprehensive--and it's available for free. Get it now!

The 2022 Construction Supply 150 report is sponsored by:
Truss, components and millwork plants acquired (purple pins) or newly opened
(green pins) by LBM operations since 2018. Source: Webb Analytics
No Wonder Truss and Millwork Equipment Is So Hard to Find. Dealers Are Gobbling It Up
The Building Center isn't just the name of a lumberyard in Charlotte. It's also symbolic of what a significant subset of construction supply dealers are doing these days. On May 9, The Building Center announced it had purchased a 130,000-square-foot facility in South Carolina. This former knitting mill will become The Building Center's newest place for manufacturing roof and floor trusses, doing custom millwork, and hanging doors. It will be the company's third roof and floor truss facility. And it's not alone. More
68 Job Changes, 46 Companies
Jon Skelly (right), AZEK's new President of Residential Business, is one of nearly 70 LBM people who have taken on new jobs or left existing ones during the past three weeks. Others include Greg Ulvedal and Kirk Dryden, who were named Co-Presidents of Kodiak Building Partners' Interiors Group. There were VPs and division directors named at Builders First Source, Kuiken Bros., and TAL Holdings. And Boise Cascade's Boise Material Distribution arm has a new VP for the West. More
How Do You Manage Amid Inflation? Here's Help
Join former Mead Lumber VP Bryan Rice and consultant Ken Wilbanks at 1 pm ET Thursday, May 19, for a webinar on how to run your LBM operation in an inflationary environment. It's hosted by Webb Analytics' Craig Webb and sponsored by Epicor. Prices are rising at a speed and scale that we haven't seen in years. These veterans will help you manage through it. Register.

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