Please join us in praying for all affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and neighboring communities. Please also pray for those affected by severe flooding in India, Nepal and other regions of South Asia.

As you help the victims of Harvey and other natural disasters, we hope that you will also continue to assist us in providing a future for children in desperate need of your support. We need your help in breaking the cycle of poverty in 9 countries by providing quality Catholic education to children from very poor families. The book of Proverbs says, " The heart of the intelligent acquires knowledge,  and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge" (18:15). The children Catholic World Mission helps are surely those who seek knowledge and faith. 

Read below how our Mano Amiga schools seek to change communities and share the hope that comes with faith through students' hard work and 
your generosity:

Crush the Cycle of Poverty
Much more than education, Mano Amiga is a system for radically transforming the life of a child in poverty.  There are some pressing needs for building repairs in many of the schools as well as supplies for the children who will be starting school in a few weeks. These schools, present in 9 different countries around the world, help to reshape entire communities through their Christ-centered, holistic philosophy of teaching.
Building a church in Enchi, Ghana
Construction continues on what will soon be Immaculate Conception Church in Enchi, Ghana. Thanks to your generosity, the roof and ceiling are complete, and every day our friends in Enchi are one step closer to having a church in which to worship and celebrate the sacraments! Bishop Joseph of the Diocese of Wiawso visited recently. Monsignor Simon said it was wonderful to receive him and show off the progress.

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Thank You!
Your generosity is what makes our mission of alleviating material and spiritual poverty by empowering the poor and sharing the 
Gospel of Christ possible!

children in Haiti

 Yours in Christ,

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