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May 2014 Newsletter




I am so excited that the summer season is about to kick off with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  See below for some interesting trivia about this day.


I am also really excited to report on another one of our staging success stories. But this one is really special:  the homeowner received 9 offers just days after the first open house and 7 of these were above the asking price. The apartment sold for 12% above ask!   See our Staging Success Story below for before and after photos, as well as a wonderful testimonial from the real estate agent.


Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend, and don't forget to pause for a few moments to remember those who have served our country.


Warm regards,


Donna M. Dazzo, President

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In This Issue
Our Staging Success Story: 9 Offers Received Days After First Open House - 7 Above Asking Price - Sold at 12% Above Ask
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: What To Know Before Buying Bar Stools
Did You Know...Memorial Day Trivia!
Market Overview: The East End
F/REE Closet Organization, Open House & Moving Checklists
Testimonial of the Month

"This was the 2nd time Donna had staged an apartment for us. The result was identical to the first: a complete success! Amazing results! 

In both cases Donna's staging resulted in apartments that photographed beautifully. The beautiful pictures made it possible for us to present the properties on Corcoran's and other websites in way that attracted over 40 buyers to the Open House. 
And in both cases, something magical was happening at the Open House: once there the buyers did not want to leave. Especially the young children who felt completely at home in the children's staged bedrooms. Donna does not simply stage. She creates a welcoming home that appeals to the buyers' senses. "



 Marie Schmon                                                                                     Amy Gibbons
Licensed Real Estate Broker                                                           Licensed Real Estate Broker
Corcoran, New York, New York                                                      Corcoran, New York, New York 
- 9 Offers Received Days After First Open House
- 7 Above Asking Price
- Sold at 12% Above Ask 

This apartment was actually part of a larger apartment owned by the homeowners.  The living room had been used by their children as a playroom.  The kitchen was set up to be a combination laundry/sewing room.  The 2nd bedroom was used for storage. 

So the owner knew she had some work to do before we even got involved.  However, before construction began, we did a walk-through of the space with the homeowner and real estate agent, Marie Schmon of Corcoran, and selected a paint color and made lighting fixture recommendations.

Once the renovation was complete, we were brought in to work our magic.  And magic it was, as the owner received 9 offers just days after the first open house!  And 7 of these were above the asking price!  The sale went to "Best and Highest".  It sold at $1.9 million, 12% above the original asking price!
 Living Room Before 


  Living Room After

Living Room Before

    Living Room After 



Bedroom Before


 Bedroom After



Master Bedroom Before  

  Master Bedroom After 



  Kitchen Before 


Kitchen After 



Office Before


Office After



Master Bathroom Before


   Master Bathroom After



 Bathroom Before


Bathroom After

  Market Overview:
       New York, NY



"April 2014 showed indicators of a market that is continuing to tighten; price negotiability shrank, days on market dropped in all categories, fewer units than ever before were signed below their asking price and average price as well as price per square foot rose. 


Condominium units saw strong year-over-year gains in all three price metrics, while cooperative unit prices held close to steady. Inventory declined year-over-year by 10%, continuing the multi-year decline, however with a less dramatic drop than experienced over the prior 18 months. While cooperative units experienced another month of year-over-year decline, the condominium market saw the first month with a year-over-year gain in total listings in over four years."   


The following is a comparison of April 2014 vs. April 2013:


Market Wide: 

  • Listings on Market: 6,017 is a 9% decrease.
  • New Listings: 1,907 is a 5% decrease.    


  • The median sale price of $1.775M is a 22% increase.
  • The average price per square foot of $1,824 is an 8% increase.
  • The listed inventory is 2,679 units, a 4% increase.
  • The median sale price of $800,750 is a 1% decrease. 
  • The average price per square foot of $1,080 is a 2% decrease.
  • The listed inventory was just over 2,737 units is a 17% decrease.
Tips and Tricks of the Trade:  
What to Know Before Buying Bar Stools

Can you imagine a kitchen without bar stools? It is possible, but they have become a staple in most homes, allowing many more to enjoy the activities taking place in the kitchen. From homework, to food preparation, to being right in the center of all the action, the bar stool is an ideal option. When it comes to choosing a style for your home, here are some tips from vice president Lee Honigsfield of Pastel Furniture



 1. Height: Three primary options are counter, bar, and spectator. 




A Counter stool's seat should range in height from 24-26 inches, in order to be paired with a standard counter height of 36 inches. 




Bar stools are meant to be used at the portion of a kitchen counter that is stepped up from the rest of the counter, usually this portion is 42 inches high rather than 36. 



Spectator stools are the tallest, designed for use at a 48-inch high table or counter. Seat ranges in height from 34 to 36 inches. 


2. The Adjustable Stool




Different height options are an asset, but managing a move with your stools will be much easier if they are adjustable, to fit all types of homes.  


3. Stool Style



Brushed Stainless Steel



Mixing materials - as a style choice this can go a long way in accommodating most design directions. Featured above are walnut and chrome as a combination.



Rustic urban - features mixed materials with rough, unsophisticated finish
and spare lines. 
3. Comfort
This will depend on personal taste, but also in who may be seated at your counter top. Backless stools can be ideal when space is limited or if a minimalist look is desired. 
 Tie-on cushions can be a fun and necessary addition. 
Footrests are critical.
Read the complete article here!

Didyouknow   Did You Know......Memorial Day Trivia!





1. What day in the Month of May is Memorial Day observed?
a) The first Monday 
b) The second Tuesday
c) The last Monday
d) The last Tuesday

2. Memorial Day was once called by another name. What was this former name?
a) Soldier Day
b) Decoration Day
c) A Day of Remembrance
d) All of the Above

3. What would traditionally be flown on Memorial Day?
a) Airplanes
b) An American Flag
c) A soldier's uniform
d) Nothing was flown, this is a trick question.

4. Which southern state first celebrated the federal holiday of Memorial Day?
a) Georgia
b) Louisiana
c) Mississippi
d) Arkansas

5. Which northern state was the first to observe Memorial Day?
a) New York
b) Maine
c) Pennsylvania
d) New Hampshire

6. In which city is the official birthplace of Memorial Day?
a) Pittsburgh, PA
b) Waterloo, NY
c) Philadelphia, PA
d) Indianapolis, IN
For the answers to these questions and more fun facts read here!

   Market Overview: 
          The East End

The following is a comparison of April 2014 annualized, vs. April 2013, by town, according to Suffolk Research Inc.

East Hampton Town:

  • The median sales price of $985,000 was a 8.6% increase.
  • The number of sales of 723 was a 16% decrease.    
  • The dollar volume of sales $1,163.4 million was a 17% decrease.

 Southampton Town:

  • The median sales price of $800,000 was a 4.2% decrease.
  • The number of sales of 1,422 was a 3% decrease.
  • The dollar volume of sales $2,303.7 million was a 12% decrease.
Southold Town: 
  • The median sales price of $429,000 was a 6.6% decrease.
  • The number of sales of 333 was a 24% decrease. 
  • The dollar volume of sales $223.8 million was a 15% decrease.  


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