Aug. 2,

No. 107

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In this week's newsletter we focus on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army and the DEFINITIVE China DC Happy Hour.
Weekly Readings

August 1, 2017 marked the 90th anniversary of the Nanchang Uprising and the founding of the People's Liberation Army. Xi Jinping oversaw an anniversary parade at Zhurihe training base in Inner Mongolia and spoke at the event on July 26. For a party that is supposed to be in command of the army, they seem to spend a great deal of effort explaining to the soldiers that they must be loyal to the party and to Xi personally. As we move into the 19th Part y Congress, we should be aware that the PLA's two percent of the party makes up 20 percent of its Central Committee. 

俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

yǒng wǎng zhí qián

Meaning: advance bravely

In his address while revising troops on July 30, Xi Jinping spent much of his remarks stressing that the PLA must follow the Party. He used this expression, 勇往直前, to describe the spirit of the PLA. Recognizing that most of you won't be giving speeches in front of troops, we chose this chengyu because it can also be used in many everyday situations. Some of the others, such as 浴血奋战...well, not so useful.

Original: 90年来,人民军队高举着党的旗帜,脚踏着祖国的大地,背负着民族的希望,浴血奋战,勇往直前,战胜一切敌人,征服一切困难,为中国人民站起来、富起来、强起来建立了不朽的功勋!

Video of the Week 

从胜利走向胜利 ("From Victory to Victory") is a  chronological five-part Chinese language documentary series detailing the founding and history of the People's Liberation Army. The series was produced for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the PLA. 

The DEFINITIVE China DC Happy Hour 2017

For those of you stuck in DC during the dog days of August, the DEFINITIVE China DC Happy Hour will take place on  August 10 from  6 PM to 9 PM ET at the  Eighteenth Street Lounge. AMS is participating in the event as we do every year.  Last year over 420 participants from 24 organizations attended.

Registration is required and can be found  here

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