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I'm praying you'll rush your emergency gift right away!

          Right now I'm facing a crisis.
How bad is the crisis? Well, on a scale of one to 10 (with one representing "bad" and 10 representing "BEYOND HORRIBLE", this crisis is a 7 or 8. In other words, it's ugly.
I knew I had to come to you immediately to tell you about the serious situation I'm facing. I'm praying that you'll help right away.
            Once before when the need was urgent you rushed us a generous gift. Could you consider sacrificing a similar amount, or possibly even more, to help us in this EMERGENCY?
            Our ministry has fallen $65,000 INTO THE RED. Yes, I need to raise an extra $65,000 within 30 days - over and above our current expenses - just to get current.
As you probably guessed, the recent crisis in the Church has had a negative impact on our finances here at Women of Grace®. 
You see, we were meeting our expenses earlier this year and through your generosity we made it through the difficult summer months when funds literally dry up. 
I'm doing my best to encourage donations and sales through the usual methods. In fact, you have received updates about the many positive ways we are dealing with the crisis through prayer, novenas, special programming and our recent partnership to pray and intercede for the Church. 

We've also been offering events, studies, online study programs, the Benedicta Leadership Institute for Women, and we are poised to hold at least five regional and one national event next year. 

I've taken serious steps to remedy the situation b ut because we run such a lean operation, there are few places to cut.
But God is good. He refuses to let us get off our knees. I have faith that God will inspire friends like you to help me keep our apostolate going.
I believe it's a blessing to live during such dark times because the Lord gives us so many opportunities to do so much good! With a moral meltdown taking place all around us, now is the time to increase evangelization - not to scale it back.
Respect for the sanctity of human life, the cornerstone of Western civilization is still at risk.  In fact, it could disappear from our dear country as America altogether.
Amidst this moral darkness, our outreaches are more important than ever before, wouldn't you agree?
God is calling us to work harder to turn our society around, and I need your ongoing prayerful and financial support to accomplish that.
Let me assure you that all of us are responsible stewards here at Living His Life Abundantly® / Women of Grace®. We're always looking for ways to stretch 75 cents into a dollar. We're frugal. We're thrifty when it comes to handling your donated dollars. It's amazing what we produce in proportion to the funds we receive.
Despite the financial difficulties, my staff and I have been busy this year - unbelievably busy! - putting your donated dollars to work in promoting the Catholic values so close to your heart and mine. These Catholic values could transform our whole society and reclaim it for Jesus Christ- perhaps in one generation - if we live the truths of our Faith and share them with others.
But we're not just looking to maintain our apostolate. We either grow or die. It's that simple. And our apostolate is much more than just a "business." If the Lord shows me a reasonable opportunity to spread the Faith, I step out in faith to do it. 
During this financial emergency I'm trusting the Lord to provide for our needs through His faithful servants: people like you.  

I'm praying you'll rush your emergency gift right away!

Regarding the severe financial emergency, if I don't turn the situation around immediately, it will be a bleak, dark holiday season here at Living His Life Abundantly® / Women of Grace®. My employees are looking to me to raise some serious money right away, and I'm not going to let them down. I'm going to do everything I can to raise the extra $65,000 we so desperately need within 30 days. We're all praying for a financial miracle. A wise old maxim says it all,  "Pray to God, but keep rowing to the shore."  
In fact, I may be calling you. I'm going to try to make some phone calls in the next few days, and my staff members will be making calls too.
I'm praying three heroes will step forward with gifts of $10,000 or more? Could you consider being one of the three? If not, please join me in praying the Lord will inspire someone else to give at that level. I'm also praying for heroic sacrifices in the range of $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000. Could you consider donating at that level?
I'm also praying for many gifts in the range of $500, $250, $100, $75, $50, or whatever you can sacrifice. Would one of those amounts be possible for you?
I'm praying for your immediate help. No gift is too large, and no gift is too small. Please send whatever is a sacrifice to you. Please pray about this request, and give what the Lord is leading you to give. Your financial gifts will give me the breathing space I need to reach more souls and change more lives.
Please continue to pray for me and for our apostolate. And please join me in praying for a financial miracle.
May the abundant life of Jesus Christ be yours.

In His Service and with gratitude,
Johnnette's Signature
Johnnette Benkovic Williams 
Founder and President

P.S. Remember, I need to raise at least an extra $65,000 in the next 30 days. I'm praying for a financial miracle. Please rush an emergency gift to help me solve this crisis. When you write out a generous check you'll have a warm feeling in your heart, knowing you're helping to change lives. Please make your tax-deductible check payable to 
Women of Grace, P.O. Box 15907,  Clearwater, FL  33766 . Or give us a call at 800-558-5452. 
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