99.9% of People Don’t Know
this Cause of Depression!

Depression is now the #1 leading cause of disability worldwide, and there is a little known reason that many practitioners will overlook when trying to help.

With the recent sad celebrity deaths, MILLIONS are debilitated by depression, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia and other related issues that leave them unable to take care of themselves or their families.

What 99.9% of people don't know: the root cause of depression could be CANDIDA overgrowth.

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So, you might ask, how the heck does bacteria cause depression?!

When one drinks alcohol, one's liver converts it into acetaldehyde. The literature shows that genetic mutations can cause some people to have extreme sensitivity to alcohol's effects, which makes them even more susceptible to cognitive issues from candida. (1)

Women have a much higher level of acetaldehyde when drinking alcohol than men, especially those who drink during their high estrogen phase and who take oral contraceptives. (2)

Excess acetaldehyde is what causes hangovers.

Candida also produces acetaldehyde!

Candida is able to use both alcohol and sugar for its fuel source. So, it probably makes sense that alcohol is even MORE important to avoid if you have candida.

Alcohol causes leaky gut. So does candida.

Due to the acetaldehyde production from candida, you literally "get drunk" from the overgrowth of yeast in your gut.

Evan Brand, host of The Candida Summit, has had clients come to his clinic slurring their speech as they talk -- it’s a true and immediate sign that something is NOT right in the gut.

Further testing almost always reveals the culprit: candida overgrowth.

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