Global Great Commission Network Update
January 2022 Newsletter #32
Greetings from the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN)!

GGCN is a part of a Global mission movement. At the same time, a primary value of GGCN is our desire is to see connection, communication, and collaboration occurring on a local, grassroots level.  The following report from GGCN Africa leadership shows how this is happening in Africa as an African-led, grassroots movement!
Advancing From Africa To The Ends Of The Earth
by: Dr. Ferdinand Nweke, GGCN Africa Coordinator

Recent efforts at GGCN Africa have been geared towards promoting grassroots collaboration across different regions on the continent. To achieve this, the Africa Steering Team has set some strategic goals for 2022:

  1. Focus on expanding Global Great Commission Network representation across Africa, with a goal to have a GGCN representative in every African country by the end of 2022.
  2. Develop a fully contextualized plan to implement GGCN’s objectives at the grassroots and to work with Christian leaders in the various regions to build the vision from ground up. This contextualized plan will eventually serve as a default framework and guide for establishing the Global Great Commission Network in various African countries.
  3. Collaborate extensively with organizations focused on youth ministry, with the goal of raising mission-minded youths for the advancement of the Great Commission.
  4. Host a continent-wide missions conference to galvanize the Christian workforce for collaborative Kingdom impact.

Leaders have been appointed to coordinate the work of GGCN in West Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa, and all hands are on deck to give GGCN an indigenous expression in the various regions. Believing that the church in Africa can do much more working together than striving alone, we are deliberately fostering local collaboration among ministries to engage areas of greatest need on the continent.

In Nigeria, there’s an ongoing collaboration with Eternity Ministries to engage believers in the market place and mobilize them to take their place in gathering the harvest. We are also collaborating with Christ Missionary Outreach (CMO) to engage rural pastors, missionaries and believers for the effective advancement of the Great Commission at the grassroots, and with Touch of Joy Initiative (TOJ) to foster rural engagement through medical care, education, youth empowerment and leadership training. In Kenya, we are collaborating with Global Activation Ministries to raise indigenous leaders who would drive GGCN’s objectives in the East Africa region. We have great expectation as we look forward to the possibilities that will emerge from these relationships and other such relationships that will yet be forged.

Finally, while we work to implement the vision for the Global Great Commission Network at the grassroots, we also seek to promote global collaboration among African Christian leaders through the Connect platform. We are doing this by inviting new members to the GGCN Africa Group on Connect, and facilitating conversations to drive collaboration among existing members. We envision an online community of vibrant believers committed to the advancement of the Gospel in Africa, and actively using the Connect platform for safe and effective connection, communication and collaboration for the completion of the Great Commission. This thrust is slowly gaining traction, and we welcome the participation of believers across the world with a heart for the Church in Africa.

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come...” (Matt 24:14)
Ways you can get involved:
Connecting with the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN)

We encourage you to collaborate with others in your regional area and around the world. This is possible in the model of Africa GGCN as reported above, through Connect, and through the growing number of GGCN local networks. To be part of the GGCN network, initiate contact with others in your area as follows:

Your participation and engagement is invited and is greatly valued!

David Hupp, Facilitator for the GGCN Global Steering Team