Happy New Year!

As we have already welcomed in the new year of 2021 and continue to adjust to the new "norms" of the world, here at Gawley Plastic Surgery we continue to grow our team, presence and impact.

By now, many of you have met Dr. Geoghegan. She is busy seeing patients and everyone that has spent time with her loves her fun loving personality, expert knowledge and surgical approach.

In the same breath, I am saddened in announcing Dr. Mahabir's departure from Gawley Plastic Surgery. With a heartfelt thank you, and strong feeling of gratitude towards Dr. Mahabir, please join us in congratulating him in his move to Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Mahabir opened his own practice on January 5, 2021, but will remain a collaborative colleague and friend of Gawley Plastic Surgery. While this is a goodbye, it certainly is not a farewell. As one of the top micro breast reconstruction surgeons performing DIEP surgeries in the United States, he will continue to serve our patients who seek this procedure.

Dr. Geoghegan and I will continue to follow any of Dr. Mahabir’s patients here at Gawley Plastic Surgery. However, if you desire to transfer your care to Tucson, we will ensure a smooth transition for you.

Dr. Mahabir's new practice information is:

The Aesthetic Surgery Institute and Restorative Breast Center
2409 E River Rd, Suite 100, Tucson, Arizona 85718

On Friday, January 29th, all of our locations will be closed for our annual company retreat. For me, this event is second only to our annual holiday party! Our entire company is given the opportunity to collaborate as one cohesive unit for the day. This year is amazingly special in that:

  • One, we have a companies wide team of 57.
  • Two, the impact that this amazing group of individuals has on our community.

Our retreat day will be filled with guest speakers who will give insights on how we can best work as individuals and with our teams as well as honing our skills on how to best serve you, our patients.

I could go on and on with my excitement, but will close with my most sincere expression of gratitude. I speak for Dr. Geoghegan and the entire team of the Gawley Companies: thank you for choosing our practices and allowing us to serve you. We truly enjoy having such profound impacts on your lives, your families and those that surround you. Thank you and enjoy 2021! We look forward to seeing you in one of our locations soon.


Bryan Gawley, MD
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Surgery Feature:
Breast Lift with Implants
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In most cases, implants alone will not significantly lift the breasts and the added weight of the implants can make sagging worse over time if your skin has lost elasticity. Read more...

Knickers  Fore Knockers
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April 30, 2021
McDowell Mountain Golf Club

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  • K4K is the only event in the Valley... to not only give you the opportunity to raise funds for more than one great cause, but to have live interaction with those you are benefitting. 

  • K4K is the only event in the Valley... to spoil you with on-course hospitality, provide a pre-tournament group toast and have you confident you chose the right organization to support before the end of your round.

  • K4K is the only event in the Valley... where you will get to enjoy playing golf with the most amazing group of people and see Dr. Gawley in pink knickers!
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