Dear Friends & Partners,
Today, Monday May 14, 2018 is a day that will truly live in infamy. On this day exactly 70 years ago, Israel was fighting in the first Israeli/Arab war, contending for her freedom. Despite this war being fought in 4 phases, from November 29, 1947-July 20, 1949, at the end of phase number 2, Israel suddenly declared Statehood on Friday May 14, 1948. The next day Israel resumed the war effort, finally triumphing on July 20, 1949.
God had arranged for a new U.S. President by the name of Harry Truman of Jewish descent to assume the Presidency when Franklin D. Roosevelt passed away on April 12, 1945.  President Truman immediately recognized the New State of Israel, paving the way for other nations to promptly follow.
Today, on this historic day we are celebrating two amazing realities. Firstly, we are celebrating the independence of Israel for a full generation of 70 years. What makes Israel's rebirth even more spectacular is the fact that for 2,590 years, Israel had never regained her Sovereignty, [B.C. 606-A.D. 1948].   After almost 3,000 years of captivity, Israel finally emerged on this day 70 years ago as a new Nation of the sons of Abraham!
Of yet greater importance is the fact that Israel's 70th celebration also brings the world to the "OFFICIAL END" of this 70-year generation.  With the official closing of this 70-year generation, the time has come for the Lord to fulfill all prophecies of the end-time revival and harvest for Jesus' soon return!
Today we are entering this new "TIME ZONE" in history. All the prophecies concerning the time are now fulfilled.  At any time, now into the future, the Lord will take this planet and shake it like a leaf in the wind, pour out His Spirit on all people, and bring about the end time revival and harvest. 
Sadly, that the church today, at large, does not know the truth about this prophetic moment in time and has NOT SPIRITUALLY prepared herself for this great hour of visitation now set before us.
Yet, God has reserved for Himself a remnant of His people who ARE READY. Soon we will enter the glorious time of our destiny.  The great hour of glory is upon us NOW!
I invite you to join Shellie and I as we pause today to truly celebrate Israel; but also, as we celebrate this prophetic moment in time for the church and the world harvest of souls. This is truly a unique moment in time.  How privileged we are to be alive today at the most pivotal moment of prophecy in modern time!
Gloriously, a crowning occasion and event is happening right now...and that is that we are watching the Ceremony in Jerusalem of the opening of America's new Embassy in the capital city of Israel. Thank God we have a President who loves and fully supports Israel!
My prayer for us and all Christians today is this: "Lord, thank you for making us a part of great prophetic history. Open our eyes that we may see the glory of this hour and help us appreciate being a part of the greatest prophetic moment in all church history."

God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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