A Talented and Creative Man
January 2018

Combining Art with Science to create 
Healing, Hope and Health 

Dale Chihuly with Sue McCollum
a most interesting and creative man
in thought, mind and deed.


Message from
               Sue McCollum

Having lunch with Dale Chihuly and hearing how he continues to support the cancer world with his glass art work was most interesting and inspiring. His new project at the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center in Omaha, Nebraska is another example of Dale Chihuly offering healing, hope and health through his art to those who are engaged in a cancer experience. To view this beautiful healing sanctuary please visit:
It is a stunning and beautiful creation.

Cancer Center Omaha

Many of you are familiar with the magnificent  The Tre Stelle Di Lapislazzuli  Chandelier located in the Lorry I Lokey Stem Cell Building that Chihuly created for My Blue Dots as a gift to Stanford several years ago. This outstanding chandelier also mixes art with science to create healing hope and health and has been a blessing to so many. To view the entire piece please visit: Chihuly at Stanford

Chihuly Chandelier-up colse

When people visit the Stem Cell Building to view the  Tre Stelle Di Lapislazzuli Chandelier we encourage them to select, in their minds eye, one of the 2,071 individual pieces and dedicate it to their loved one who is going through a cancer challenge. Th is hand blown piece will hang there forever to honor their loved one. It also brings light and energy into the Stem Cell Building where so many scientists are working on finding a cure for this dreaded disease.
The Tre Stelle Di Lapislazzuli is a classic example of Dale Chihuly's extraordinary art as he combines beautiful art in a science building to create healing, hope and health to all who visit this building. It also is there to encourage and support all who work there.  
Thank you Dale for using your art talents to created beauty in this world and sharing your creative mind and your art with us.
Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
 Until Next Time...          


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