April 5, 2022
On Wednesday, March 23, Governor Youngkin issued a proclamation calling the General Assembly back to Richmond on April 4 to complete work on the budget. While the goal of finalizing the budget is laudable, Senate Democrats have not yet agreed to meet and develop a compromise. For this reason, yesterday’s special session was brief. The House and Senate simply convened for an hour to pass procedural resolutions outlining the parameters of the special session. No budget is yet available, and none of the bills that remain in conference are being heard. House budget conferees are ready and willing to meet with the Senate…if only the Senate will agree to talk.

In short, nothing has changed. Legislators returned home with an unfinished budget and outstanding legislation. There is no timeline for completion, aside from the end-of-fiscal year deadline of June 30. We will simply await a compromise budget, at which time legislators will be given forty-eight hours’ notice to return to Richmond.

We will, however, return to Richmond as scheduled on April 27 for the reconvened session. At that time we will consider gubernatorial amendments to and vetoes of bills passed during the regular session. Stay tuned!

I am honored to serve in the House of Delegates, and I ask that you continue making me aware of your legislative priorities. As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office if you need assistance with any state-related matter.

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