Date: Oct. 27th, 2020
Time: Noon
Location: Virtually
Invited: All Tech and Business Professionals Interested
Cost: Free
Speaker: Attorney John Wagster, Frost, Brown, Todd
Topic: Understanding Blockchain-based Decentralized Finance
Sponsor: Frost, Brown, Todd

TALK’s next event will be an engaging discussion with question and answers on DeFi. The creation, sale and use of digital tokens, also known as coins or cryptocurrencies, has evolved significantly since the creation of Bitcoin. The eras of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) were a mere training ground for what has become the fastest growing use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies: Decentralized Finance, better known as “DeFi”.

This discussion will cover how the marketing, sale and use of digital tokens has evolved from the early days of bitcoin to today’s DeFi. DeFi is comprised of a complex array of platforms on the Ethereum blockchain through which borrowers, lenders and investors can undertake bank-like transactions without banks. Importantly, Defi runs on accounts that are accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Users can store and transfer value and create and access any imaginable financial product on the same terms as anyone else. No banks. No brokers. No politics.
We will cover the evolution of DeFi, from its first use of stablecoins to the “yield farming” protocols that have pulled in billions of dollars of new money over the last few months. Topics we will cover: How did it start? Is it real? Is it regulated? Is it dangerous? Is it the future of global finance?

Speaker Bio:
John Wagster has unique experience helping companies forge cross-cultural contractual agreements around the world using industry best practices and western style contracts. John also focuses on technology-related commercial agreements with a particular interest in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the automotive space. 

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