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The Connection Between
Ergonomic Loupes & Head Tilt
B.J. Chang PhD

This month we examine the confusion between declination and ergonomics. We highlight the accidental and purposeful misinformation and where it originates. And we give you the keys to the only procedure anyone needs to know to diagnose their neck pain.

If you know anyone with neck pain, please share this article highlighting the conclusive test for ergonomic loupes.

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New Article:
My 6-year Clinical Career from
Non-Ergonomic Loupes

Dee Humphrey, RDH BHSc, describes her experience with:
  • Losing feeling in her extremities
  • A neck surgery which ended her career
  • Finding out afterwards it was very likely due to non-ergonomic loupes
  • Her experience using ergonomic loupes in her new career
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