A TALK Briefing | July 5, 2020
TALK Covid-19 Updates
If you are looking for resources to support your business, read through our past Covid-19 upates. Find the archive of our COVID-19 TALK updates on  the TALK page .
Also, read us on Linked In, and Facebook at Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky plus Twitter @talklou! Stay safe and enjoy your summer!

Upcoming TALK Events: Our Bring Business Back Series Can Assist in Strategic Planning & Next Tactical Steps
TALK Launches Its Summer  Bring Business Back Series  to Assist Companies, Corporations and Small Businesses

TALK would like to offer you guidance from experts who have the experience to assist in your planning for the next quarter. It's time to take action, and look at where your marketing, PR, sales, and related communications are taking you. Is the digital transformation curve working for you? Are you telling the stories you need to be telling? If COVID-19 shut you down, do all your stakeholders know you are back with doors open? Each Tuesday at 1 PM, we will look at topics of interest to assist you in your outreach and getting your communications back on track. We will look at what other executives are doing, what markets dictate, and how strategy can drive you through the next few quarters with COVID-19 being the wild card. $10 per session, and you could get the counsel you need to step forward with clarity and purpose. Register on Eventbrite:

First Topics:

July 14, 1 P.M., Make Me the Money: Let's Get the Marketing Right Speaker: Dawn Yankeelov, Founder of Aspectx

July 21, 1 P.M. Managing Money: How to Get Your Website to Work for You Presented By: Lee Ann Lyle, Founder of LAL Computers

July 28, 1 P.M. Deliberate Dancing: Close the Marketing & Sales Gap (A Panel Discussion) Panelists: Dawn Yankeelov, Aspectx; Lee Ann Lyle, LAL Computers; and Biggs Tabler, Golf Marketing By Biggs.
TechGirlz Free Summer Classes by TALK Up Ahead -- Register Your Middle School Daughter Now!
The TALK TechGirlz Virtual Summer Camps for Middle Schoolers Continue In Partnership with LCCC -- FREE- Register Now

Get your daughter signed up! Here are the ones next up! In a hurry?  One permission form only  --  Bypass Eventbrite and just fill  this link out for registration  for all sessions. Free  .

July 9th, 1-3 PM
This workshop reviews basic programming concepts using C++, such as data types, arrays, and functions. This is a two-hour session in one day.

July 9th, 4 PM to 5 PM
This workshop is a brief introduction to how websites work, how they are built, and how to become a person who builds websites. This is a one-hour course.

July 16th & 17th 4 PM to 5 PM
In this workshop, students will learn how satellite images, collected by various agencies around the world, can be used to help global humanity. This is a two-part series.
Join TALK today for $99 as an individual, and $300 for a corporate rate! Isn't it time to be a member of the area's tech council? You bet!
July 23 & 24, 4 PM to 5 PM
Students will learn the basics of network communications, how computers communicate via these networks and network security. This is a two-part series.

July 30 & 31, 4 PM to 5 PM
Students will work in teams to design a mobile app. They will select an app idea, develop a prototype, and present their final product to the class. Find a buddy to do this class with you. This is a two-part series.