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Verii for Micro Markets in Small Locations
Consumers can scan and purchase product from a Verii Market using their mobile phone.
Mobile-app-based technology has enabled the development of self-serve markets that do not require vending machines or payment kiosks. Consumers simply scan and purchase products using their mobile phone. The apps provide access to a wide variety of product, allowing users to touch the product and not have to deal with any of the mechanical issues associated with vending machines.

A&B Vending Co., Inc., a Middleton, Mass.-based vending, office refreshments, foodservice and micro market provider, has offered one such system, the Verii Market, for several months. A&B Vending is among a growing number of refreshment service operators who view the mobile-app-based system as a possible solution to the longstanding challenge of serving small locations profitably.
This kiosk-less micro market is similar in some ways to what historically has been referred to as a "self op" vending account. The location orders product from the vending operator and sells it to the employees. The vending operator delivers the product to the location.

The "Slimline" machines feature high definition interactive screens.
A pair of automation and software veterans has launched an automated dispensing kiosk to allow retailers and brand owners to sell products in high-traffic areas where space is at a premium, such as convenience stores, airports, hotels and special event locations.
Bryan Ross and Robert Bienias, the team that created Flix on Stix - a movie rental system that downloads full-length movies from a small kiosk onto a portable flash drive; and Faith Media Center - an app-based software program designed to allow purchases of products, with proceeds benefiting the consumer's charity of choice.
The team has also designed automated retailing and vending systems for PepsiCo, Farmers Fridge, Wrigley's and others.
The Venders new "Slimline" Collection can be wall mounted or placed on a small stand. The Slimline models feature high-definition, interactive screens that engage consumers, attract interest and promote sales. 


Bill Validator for Mexican Market
The CXB2 bill validator accepts denominations from $20 to $500.
Crane Payment Innovations has launched its MEI CXB2 bill validator, accepting bill denominations from MXN $20 to $500 for the Mexican vending market.

Backed by enhanced counterfeit detection software, the MEI CXB2 has been specially-engineered to meet the needs of consumers and operators in the Mexican vending industry.  

"Our customers have long relied on the MEI CF7000 coin manager for the industry's best coin acceptance technology," said Juan Carlos Martinez, sales manager for Crane Payment Innovations. "With the new MEI CXB2 brand bill validator, Mexican vending operators can have a complete currency solution that will enhance their operations and increase the profitability of every machine."

The new product improves upon existing bill validation technology with a range of new features. 
The Vendron Software
The Vendron software platform allows the Silkron machine to promote products.
The Vendron software platform from Malaysia-based Slikron Technology provides remote management of vending machines. 

The Vendron cloud offers real-time monitoring, real-time pricing, sales analysis and video content synchronization.

When customers approach the machine, the system's video analytics can make recommendations based on the demographics of gender and age, or what they just purchased.

The digital signage can provide a new source of advertising income for vending operators, leveraging the location traffic. 
Lane Jumper Payment System for Micro Markets
Micro Market Mobile Payment System
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