October 2020 Newsletter
Everything you wanted to know about ACC but were afraid to ask.

COVID-19 dealt a body blow to New York City's finances. In turn, the City began to cut ACC funding.

Shelter conditions have deteriorated while the number of homeless animals entering ACC shelters has started to rise.

Since March 2020, the number of free-roaming cats (friendly and feral) has multiplied. There are several reasons: ACC's efforts to tamp down on intake, pet owners' inability to hold onto their animals (job loss, eviction, illness (including COVID deaths)), and kitten season.

Despite this bleak animal rescue landscape, there is a bright spot.

We introduce you to Flatbush Cats, a TNR group operating in their eponymous Brooklyn neighborhood. Despite a host of impediments, Flatbush Cats created a model for other TNR groups and volunteers hobbled by COVID-19.

127 W. 83rd St., POB 107, New York, NY 10024