We are delighted to share this newsletter with with you. Since you last heard from us, our learners have been making tremendous strides, earning a GED, getting a promotion at work, and we also had a group of United States Veterans join our job readiness program.

Interestingly enough, our Executive Director, Valarie Ashley, happened to be near Metro Center, and was greeted by longtime SEM learner, Kevin Gibbs, while he was at his new government job!

Also, after 8 months on the job, Angelicia Boyd has been promoted from an entry level Security Officer, to a Special Police Officer!

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I Knew This Was Something I Had To Do

Shanta has been coming to SEM since January of this year. "As far as me getting closer to my goals and being successful, I knew this was something I had to do."

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"SEM allowed me the time and the resources to study to take the test and learn as much as I can. I couldn't afford a school, so I used the computers here to download any and everything I could pertaining to the subject. I learned more than I probably would have learned in a class."

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During the last month we have been working collaboratively with the United States Veterans Initiative. 

We are excited to have some of our nation's veterans at SEM and hope to continue to collaborate with such a wonderful organization!

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