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Bittersweet News as We Bid Farewell to 2020
First, the SSPA team hopes you've been enjoying the holidays
and wishes you all a new year full of happiness and health!
Now for the bittersweet part ...

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Sacramento Shelter Pets Alive’s life-saving programs that provided a safety net for Bradshaw Animal Shelter dogs will be ending at the close of 2020.

But, this is not the end for SSPA - and the future is bold!

Our founder, Delyse, had a vision to improve the lives of shelter dogs, and that passion, along with SSPA staff, volunteers and fosters, was the driving force for our success.  

When SSPA started in 2011 - then named PB SOC (Pit Bull Socialization and Obedience Crew) - the focus was on shelter pit bulls who were desperately in need of a safety net. 

In 2011, the dog live release rate was a dismal 61%, and by 2015, that rate slowly and painfully climbed to 72%. Progress yes, but not enough.  

We knew our community pets deserved more and better.

Wanting more for our community pets meant learning from the best of the best, classes, workshops, and developing a program that supported ALL shelter dogs with a focus on marginal dogs, as well as supporting their adopters. 

In collaboration with a passionate and driven group of dedicated volunteers, PB SOC transitioned to SSPA and the necessary funding had been raised to support a full-time behavior team that was implemented in 2018. 

SSPA has consisted of the following teams run solely by the most dedicated and committed volunteers around: photo team, webmasters, post-adoption support, social media team, adoption counseling team, dog walkers and fundraising team. 

The entire team played a vital role in supporting and sustaining a 94% dog live release rate over the past three years - a 22% increase in saving lives over 2015. That’s over 1,000 more dogs who made it out!

Animal welfare is an evolving and fluid field, as we learn more and know more we must adapt, update outdated practices and have a strong foundation in animal behavior. Innovative community-oriented programs are the future, and we’ll carry the passion and skills behind SSPA to new heights.

This is not the end of SSPA, but the beginning of new partnerships that are in alignment with life-saving, results-based programs, along with one mind-blowing facility with endless potential! Be assured that your support, dedication, commitment, sweat and tears are still needed and will be called upon for our next venture at the former Boys Ranch. STAY TUNED!!! 

We plan to offer training for a nominal fee in the meantime to help keep pets in homes and can still be reached at We’ll continue to communicate via social media and keep up our newsletter as well.
You can continue to follow Bradshaw Animal Shelter’s live release rate after we’re gone by signing up to receive emails: Email with the subject line “Add to Daily Inventory List.” Make sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address in the body of your email.

We cannot thank you all enough for being part of SSPA; for believing in bettering the lives of shelter dogs and that all dogs matter; and more importantly, for saving lives.

We hope you’ll embark on our next journey with us and continue to check in on social media, share your happy tails updates and more! 
A Few Reactions After Hearing the News
Kelley: "We are forever indebted to you for gifting us Cora, previously Kelly (at right/above). She has been a beautiful addition to our family! She and Coop are constantly with each other! Everyone who meets her cannot stop talking about how sweet she is. Good luck on your new adventure. I know this is going to be a huge loss for Bradshaw! ❤️"

Sydney: "We love you, SSPA! Thank you for all that you have done for countless dogs in our community; Cooper is endlessly grateful for the love you all showed him. Excited to see the great work you’ll do on your new adventure."

Staci: "😭😭😭so sad to hear this. SSPA is an incredible organization and you have done so many amazing and life saving things for these shelter dogs. I used to volunteer for PB SOC and it was an experience I felt so proud to be a part of and advocate for. Wishing you all the very best!"
Sari: "Thank are amazing, without you I wouldn't have my Sam (at left/above)."

Emily: "We are here for guys and can’t wait for this next chapter; helping to continue saving lives! We got this! 🙌🏼"

Kelsey: "😭 thank you for pairing us with Gemma. Your foster program (that we totally failed at) has resulted in so much love from our silly girl. Thank you!"

Karen: "Thank you for all you've done. Your love for these dogs will not be forgotten."
Sarah: "Can’t thank you enough for rescuing this sweetie! Betsy (formerly Autumn) is thriving! (Pictured at right/above.)"

Sandra: "Thank you for the history of what was an amazing program and saved so many dogs that would otherwise be too challenging to be adopted. Will continue to support you!"

Linda: "I know personally how amazing this program is and it saves thousands of lives. Let’s hope we can get started somewhere else soon."

Marta: "Thank you Delyse and all the volunteers. Life saving heroes. You all saved so many lives."

Jessica: "I will be forever grateful to SSPA for matching my family with our wonderful dogs. We can never replace them and we owe it all to you. ❤️ So excited for what the future brings. I hope the shelter doesn't let down all the dogs they are now holding in their hands."
Sher: "Thank you SSPA ..for helping ALL the dogs.. a special thanks from our handsome Zeev ... Bradshaw Animal Shelter Alum 2019."

Kalin: "I remember when I started volunteering in 2014 and SSPA - then PB SOC - was working to keep a group of incredible dogs confiscated from a massive dog-fighting raid in good spirits. The dogs were held for years and PB SOC folx worked with them every day to keep them happy. From that point on, I knew it was all about the dogs and SSPA/PB SOC truly believed that all dogs matter. I’ve been hooked ever since, and - although I’m heartbroken for Bradshaw pups - I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this passionate group!!!"

Beth: "Delyse, your care and concern for all the doggos, along with that of your amazing staff, has not gone unnoticed by this volunteer. I truly enjoyed DDOs with my friend Susan Tracy! I learned a lot from the SSPA staff and will look forward to updates on your next endeavor."
Danica: "Man - sad to hear this for Bradshaw’s sake but surely there is much reasoning behind it. My SSPA alum (pictured at right/above) and I will be eagerly continuing to follow you guys and see what the future has in store and what new volunteer opportunities might await! 💕🐾"

Haley: "This was an amazing program that saved and bettered the life of so many pups! Thank you to everyone who was a part of it💔"

Katherine: "Thank you, SSPA for all the thousands of lives you saved and enriched while at the Bradshaw shelter. Cannot wait to see what your future holds! ♥️"
SSPA Alums in the Holiday Spirit!
Clockwise from top left: The family of Hope, Gronkowski, Abigail and Jessie - three of whom are SSPA alumni; Scooby and Luna; Gus (formerly Davido); Gemma; Papa; Xander; Bear (formerly Chunk); and MacGee.
Happy Tails
Sancho (formerly Blitzen) was adopted just in time for Christmas!

This boy wowed everyone with his cheerful demeanor and near-constant smile!

They said, "Santa came early!!!!🎄🎅🏼❤️✨ The 3rd Lopez is finally here, please let us introduce you to our boy, Sancho! A rescued sweet boy that completes this family! Feliz Navidad! 🎁"

Congratulations, Sancho, and thank you to his awesome family for adopting!
Marcie (formerly Daphne) has fit right into her new family!

Her adopter says: “Marcie (shelter name Daphne) is doing really well. She and Charlie act like they’ve been lifelong playmates, sharing toys, taking turns initiating play with each other, and stopping when it’s getting to be too much for either. She’s full of energy and when she’s not playing with Charlie she chews on everything - everything! Thank you again.”

Congratulations, Marcie, and thank you to her family for adopting!
Marley was adopted this past weekend!

His adopters said, "We'd love to bring him home!"

They also wanted to ensure they had toys at the ready for him!

Congratulations, Marley, and thank you to his adopters for giving him a loving home!
Baby completely won over her foster family, and they officially adopted her today!

Her fosters-turned-adopters said:

"We've decided we just can't give her up! She is an amazing dog and we'd like to adopt her. ... Thanks so much for this great dog. She is such a well-mannered and sweet dog. She loves everyone she meets and is a joy to walk. We're crazy about her."

Is there anything better?!

Congratulations, Baby, and thank you to her family for adopting!
We'd love to share your story! Have your own SSPA story to share and/or want to be interviewed for SSPA's newsletter? Email us at!
Won't You Take Us Home?

We can't believe this cutie pie is still seeking a home!

We'd love nothing more than to see Patches safe in foster before our affiliation with Bradshaw ends Friday.

He's known for giving puppy kisses (pictured) and just being an all-around silly and joyful dude!

He's proved to be great on walks or jogs as well!

Things to note: He has some mouthiness and resource-guarding, so we'd prefer he go to a home without kids. He is also much more comfy with women.

Help us keep him smiling; apply to foster or adopt him below.

Just look at this absolute sweetheart!

Brianna (A790482) needs an FHO (hip surgery), so she's looking for a safe and comfy place to recover and spend her time.

She has fabulous manners and is all-around awesome!

We truly can't say enough about her!

Ready to bring her home?

Fill out an application below today!
SSPA Foster Dog of the Week
Lilah's awesome foster sent us an update - and her stunning photo takes our breath away!

Her foster says: “Lilah is the sweetest girl. She is crate trained and so calm! She does extremely well on a leash and does not jump. She is slow to warm up to men but loves women! She does well in the car and loves just cuddling up on the couch or bed and has grown extremely fond of our walks at night! If you’re looking for an easy-going, sweet girl, Lilah is the one for you!”

Ready to bring her home?! She takes time to warm up to men and prefers to be your only pup. Fill out an adoption application!
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