Daily Volume III (163) | Thursday, July 22, 2021
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Quote Of The Day

"Looks like the restoration was started 17 years ago, sat for a long time, then hurriedly put back together to sell. Still, a nice example that doesn’t need a lot to be very nice."

(Website Reader Bruce P. providing an interesting take we had not considered on this 1956 Chevrolet Nomad we featured Wednesday. )
Our daily Craigslist "Classifinds" provide leads on rides we think you'll find interesting. We are not affiliated in any way with the sale of these rides - we just want to help them find a new home!
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Blue Bird: 1959 Ford Thunderbird Rag Top – $20,900

Despite widespread complaints at the time in 1958, when Ford turned the second generation Thunderbird into a four-seat car the company sold approximately four times as many Square Birds as the original Baby Birds. Ironically, unitized construction and a propensity to rust make finding a Square Bird today a much harder task, especially in this blue-and-white color....
The Raddest Ferrari? 1986 Ferrari Mondial – $32,500

Rad Era Editor Jeff Lavery reports how the Ferrari Mondial spent years in Purgatory, assigned the unfortunate title of being the least desirable Ferrari. As rad-era vehicles came into fashion, however, the Mondial took its seat at the table as yet another Ferrari model deserving of our respect. This 1986 Mondial Cabriolet was listed this week
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Clean Car: 1968 Chevrolet Impala Convertible – $19,000

Throughout the mid-1960s, by far the most popular new car on American roads was the Chevrolet Impala in one form or another. Not every one of these cars was a big block, SS model. Most were just nicely optioned, 327-powered examples such as this red over white 1968 Impala convertible. In addition to the classic red-over-white color combination, we love...
Both The Internet and Guys With Rides Never Forget. Here's an example of a Classifind that is still looking for a new caretaker.
Two Months Gone: 1967 Dodge Polara Convertible – NOW $26,500

July 21, 2021 Update – After a one-month hiatus following the expiration of their original listing, the seller just posted a fresh Craigslist ad for this very well-optioned Dodge Polara. In the new ad, the seller lowered the asking price by three large to land at $26,500 currently.
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We Have The Cars, We Just Need More Bidders!
We're pleased to report we have no shortage of great rides waiting to be auctioned here on Guys With Rides! While we have the rides, we need the bidders, so please help spread the word about what we're doing here at Guys With Rides!

Convertible fans can check out either this 1967 Pontiac Bonneville or this 1956 Ford Thunderbird auction, both of which end tonight!
1967 Pontiac Bonneville - $8,500
1956 Ford Thunderbird - $15,000
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