In this 2015 photo, Meriwether Lewis Elementary School Principal Tim Lauer makes his normal visiting rounds of classrooms, in Portland, Ore. —Leah Nash for Education Week-File
10 Bold Ideas Principals Can Embrace This Year,
via Education Week

Stacey Decker's Education Week article begins with an invitation, or a friendly challenge, if you will:

"Principals, the start of a new school year can be hectic. But it’s also a time to reflect – and potentially change your ways. (Think of the new year as a fresh slate.)

Have you considered tackling a perennial issue head on this year? Or totally rethinking one of your school’s standard practices?

To find some innovative ideas for principals to ponder this year, we dug into the Education Week archives. Here are 10 suggestions—big and small—for shaking things up:"
~ Course Feature ~
Presents innovative strategies for the alignment of Google Earth activities with grade-appropriate ELA, STEM and ISTE standards.Engages in research and discussion about how Google Earth can serve as a cross-curricular teaching tool. Investigates the fundamentals of Google Earth, including its creation, navigation, street view and sky views, and explores custom features in depth.
Instructor Spotlight: Bridget Belardi
Eduspire Instructor,
Get to know us better: Eduspire's top-notch instructors combine experience, skill, insight, and a passion for education. This week's interview features Bridget Belardi —  click here  to read her instructor spotlight profile and learn her favorite ed-tech app and ice cream flavor!

Bridget teaches the above-mentioned  Google Earth in the Classroom , which starts (online) October 1.
Congratulations to our MET Program Graduates!
The end of the spring 2018 semester saw the first set of graduates from the Wilson College Master of Educatonal Technology degree program in partnership with Eduspire. The program continues to grow, with approximately 250 students now having applied for the MET degree and/or the ITS certification program.
MET Spotlight: Christina Peterson
MET participant,
Christina Peterson
Meet Christina. A speech-language pathologist in the Bellefonte, PA area school district, she is almost finished with her coursework and will soon be completing her Master of Educational Technology degree through Wilson College.

Here's a glimpse of Christina's feedback about her experience in the MET program:

We asked Christina, "How has the MET program helped you to achieve your career goals?"
Christina said, " The program has taught me new ways to implement technology in my classroom and make it work for my specific content area (speech-language pathology). I have also been able to connect with regular education teachers in discussing different ways to use technology in elementary schools."

We also asked, "Would you recommend the MET program to a colleague, and why?"

Christina said, " Yes. The program is flexible and the content is relevant and applicable to what teachers are doing right now. "
Exciting Fall Courses: Tech Up Your Back-to-School Season
~ Deadlines Extended for the Following Courses ~
In the ever-changing technological landscape, it's important to continually seek new innovative ways to engage with students. Let us help you with our wide selection of EdTech courses for K-12 educators, available this fall.
Online September 17 | Instructor: Robin Seneta | Register by Wednesday
Includes a GoPro camera in the cost of the Wilson College course!

Examines the ways in which video content can effectively deliver instruction to the classroom. Through shooting original content, editing original and existing material, and production, teachers will investigate ways to deliver intended messages in multiple content areas. Connects with the ISTE standards for student learning and creativity.
Online September 17 | Instructor: Mara Linaberger | Register by Thursday

Mindfulness implies attention toward and care for the ideas, beliefs, and feelings of others. This course demonstrates the history of mindfulness in the classroom environment and explores techniques designed to aid defusing and navigating social, cultural, and emotional stressors that can occur in a classroom setting.
Online September 17 | Instructor: Mara Linaberger | Register by Thursday

Explores the theory, implementation and use of digital portfolios in the classroom environment as ways to create, maintain, and share knowledge. Provides instructions on digital portfolio technology and tools as well as pedagogical applications for digital portfolios in the classroom.
Online September 17| Instructor: Brenda Boyer | Register by Thursday

Understanding how to manage digital information is a requisite skill for educators of all kinds. Recognizing information needs, locating and evaluating appropriate resources and using digital resources ethically and effectively ensures that teachers can, in turn, nurture these critical skills in their learners.

Explore the connection between science, technology, engineering, art and math. STEAM develops a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives. Participants will learn about STEAM initiatives, investigate interdisciplinary connections, evaluate resources and create lessons.
And many more excellent options!
Click below to see other courses being offered this fall!
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