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In a prayer space at a camp, Simon noticed Owen and that he was spending a lot of time alone. At lunch, Owen admitted that he hadn't eaten properly in a few weeks. As he began to open up about his home life, it was clear to see he was hurting and crying out for attention. Simon spent some time in prayer and that seemed to help a little. However, Owen shared that even though he was at a Christian camp he didn’t have a personal faith of his own. Valerie asked Owen if he was ready to give his life to Jesus and he said yes! In the days that followed Owen was a different guy: he took part in all aspects of camp with a smile.
Young people across the globe are being bombarded every day by noise, voices, violence, and messages from music, movies, and the internet. How does a young person even hear the still, small voice of God in the midst of such noise, confusion, and chaos?

Into that noisy world come Youth for Christ camps. Around the world every summer, Youth for Christ reaches young people through camps. In places like Ukraine, Ireland, Brazil, the USA, Honduras, and many more nations, Youth for Christ camps are providing young people with an oasis in the middle of a crazy world. At camp they have fun and meet new friends, but most importantly they take the time and have the space to hear of God and from God. For kids like Owen, these camps are life-changing. As one mother, not a Christian herself, said when her son returned home, “I don’t know what you did, but he is a completely different kid.”

Going home with a new perspective, and often a new relationship with Jesus Christ, these young people are more prepared to face everyday challenges and the crazy things the world throws at them. With Christ as their guide they are better able to sort through the many voices and latch onto what is true, right, and Godly.

Thank you for being partners with us in reaching youth for Christ.

-Bryan Blomker, Youth for Christ International Director of Development
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Your generosity ensures that lost young people have the opportunity to be followers of Jesus. You are reaching young people everywhere.