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February 2013  

Test Pressing News
In the old days we only made 5 or 6 tests. In the year 2000 we received requests from our collectors, asking when we made new metal, could we sell the tests.

Starting in 2000 with the 25th Anniversary LP of our Original 1980 Nardcore LP, we made 50 black tests and 500 white vinyl LP's. 
The white LP's have sold out and we sold only 5 black tests.
The black tests have been saved for this release to collectors.

Since 2000 we have made 25 black tests of these new metal parts. Government Issue 500 white
Battalion Of Saint's 500 white
Mentors 500 white
We Got Power green, and holding 45 black tests of Nardcore LP.

NOFX - We were making 25 black tests from the original parts when they broke after 10 tests. 
We now have 7 tests for collectors of the "So What If We Are On Mystic" LP 1000 run at the Bill Smith plant in the year 2000.
The metal parts have joined the Matt Thomas Mystic Collection.
A special thank - you to Matt and all Mystic Collectors, you help keep Mystic Records and the unknowns alive!

                       IS OPEN...
                                            Vinyl $ale



 Now Available

                              147   AVAILABLE   TESTS
                                         FROM THE YEAR 2000
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Here is your chance to have a "really" collectable test or to even start a collection. These tests are made from the metal made after 2000 at ERIKA RECORDS plant.
No more tests can be made after parts are used for a run...tests are made to test new metal parts.
     RECORD            #               RUN                 MADE   HAVE           PRICE$
We Got Power      LP 125        200 green         25        25               $25
Mentors                LP 03          500 white         25        24               $25
Nardcore              LP 135        500 white         50        43               $25
Battalion Of Saint's LP 181       500 white         25        21               $21
Government Issue  LP 175        500 white         25        24               $25
Slimey Valley         LP 001        1000 swirled        5          4                $25
Dr. Know first       LP 006         500 grn/gld        5          4               $25         
Dr. Know Original  LP 165         800 black          5          2               $25
NOFX "So What If We're On Mystic" LP 180  1000 black   10    7         $50 of each to buyers; Add $5 shipping USA
Suggest you add $5 insurance ($50 USA ins) USA
Overseas please enquire shipping and availability.
Buy a test and help us release another "Oldie" from the Vault...These are unique records and could be worth $200 value on the Internet. 

                        OUT OF THE VAULT

Also on CD!
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                                February 2013


In the 1970's Mystic Records announced that it was a stage for "unknowns". Some of our 300 teenage unknowns have become known...some have even "paused" in their known careers to help some on the lessor known bands. That is the Punk World.


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