A Breath of Music from The Dranoff 2 Piano
Ballade Op.10 in B major by Johannes Brahms
Emil Gilels, piano
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It often happens that when musicians are in their youth, they experience moments giving their soul wings which propel them through their lives. . For us, it was encountering the music of Johannes Brahms. His piano concertos and miniatures inspired and motivated  us, young students at the time! 

The piece we chose today is a wonderful journey through time in an interpretation by the legendary Soviet pianist Emil Gilels, the artistic model of a great generation of pianists. His great strength, his gift to us, is found not only in the transparency and sound quality of his playing, but in his mastery of Brahms’ timing  - the magic you feel exists in the spaces between the notes. 

This  Ballad – a tender moment of  being with the poetry of young Brahms – is a welcome respite for a few minutes from our crazy world.

Olha and Oleksiy Kushnir

Olha and Oleksiy won the 2003 Dranoff 2 Piano Competition. Wonderful, generous pianists, they have brought so much joy to Miami audiences. We look forward to their next concerts. website