A Breath of Music from The Dranoff 2 Piano
Infant Eyes.
Poem by Roxana Amed. Music by Wayne Shorter. Performed by Roxana Amed,voice & Martin Bejerano, piano.
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To find the simple truth
the music in the air
the light inside the dark
to see with infant eyes
To become one with the skies
no fear, no death around,
no need to understand
to see with infant eyes
To wait for one true love,
to give yourself to life,
no need to understand
to see with infant eyes.

One morning, any morning, the bridge to nowhere, the bridge to possibility, always waiting for us to be brave, to be confident enough to imagine a different world.
Roxana Amed website

Roxana performed in Piano Slam 12.
Martin Bejerano website

Martin has worked with Dranoff in numerous performances, and as the Music Director of Piano Slam 12