A Breath of Music from The Dranoff 2 Piano
Je Crois Entendre Encore - I still believe I hear
The Pearl Fishers by Georges Bizet. Placido Domingo
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“Je Crois Entendre Encore” transports me to a dreamy state of calm and heightened awareness at the same time. There is such beauty in the arc of this aria that it almost hurts physically. It is the kind of ache that makes you feel that you are alive, that life is precious and these moments need to be held onto even as they end so soon. 

Attached is a photo we took floating down a river in the heart of The Borneo Jungle where the river narrows and is becomes so still it is hard to determine where the river end and the sky begins. It is dreamy line the song and has an impending feel that it all could disappear in one small moment. 
Lesley Goldwasser

Lesley Goldwasser and her husband Jonathan Plutzik own Miami Beach’s beloved Betsy Hotel. They envisioned it as a destination where you can bathe your body in the ocean and your mind and heart in ever wider offerings of arts and culture. They have become friends to countless local artists and groups with their full hearted philanthropy. 
One of Lesley’s passion is music and she graciously agreed to curate today’s Breath of Music.