A Breath of Music from The Dranoff 2 Piano
Lazy Afternoon by Jerome Moross
Winton Marsalis, trumpet
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When I listen to Winton Marsalis’s  sultry performance of Jerome Moross’ Lazy Afternoon, it evokes images of Monet’s gardens in  Giverny  – the air shimmering over the water in the heat of a summer afternoon, redolent with the scents of the garden.
The song has been recorded about 150 times over the years by various singers including Barbara Streisand, Tony Bennett, Julie Andrews, and most recently, the opera star, Joyce DiDonato.  - Susanna Tarjan

Music is in Susanna Tarjan’s blood. Her father was the American composer Jerome Moross, whose works have been part of the American soundscape in films, ballets, symphony halls and musical theater since the 1940’s. Her connection with the Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation dates back to its inception. Susanna  has been a beloved nurturer and supporter of the many young artists who came for the competitions and became regular contributors to our work.