A Breath of Music from The Dranoff 2 Piano
Suite for 2 Pianos, 3rd. movement by Sergei Rachminoff
 Please click on the image - Rain Steam Speed, by William Turner
I remember often playing Rachmaninoff‘s second suite with Loretta Dranoff.  The third movement is a complete connection between artists and music, expressing the lovely and serene moments in life. - Dr. Ruth Greenfield

Ruth Greenfield  studied in Paris with Nadia Boulanger. Paris , truly cosmopolitan, had no time nor place for racism. It profoundly affected Ruth, so that upon her return to the United states in the 1960’s, this  American pianist and teacher broke racial barriers  through classical music. She brought together black and white students taught by black and white teachers in this very segregated city of Miami.
She was the first head of the music department at Miami Dade college bringing the lunchtime Lively Arts concert series to the steps of the Courthouse. Today, at age 97, she is as involved with music and civil responsibilities as ever. 
 Our connection to Ruth Greenfield runs deep: she, together with Loretta Dranoff and Martin Bookspan, was one of the founders of the Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation.