A Breath of Music from The Dranoff 2 Piano
La Boheme - Mi Chiamara Mimi by Giacomo Puccini 
Performed by Mirela Freni
 Please click on the image - Julica's Garden, Jodi Budin
Mimi, sitting inside embroidering flowers, awaits the new Spring. 
This aria – so familiar and so exquisite - reminds us that even being inside in the dark waiting for an uncertain future, we can reflect on the forces of life and know that there will be another Spring.

- Aisha Nasser and Jodi Budin

Our dear friends and Dranoff patrons Aisha Nasser and Jodi Budin are passionate music lovers. Aisha in particular is a fierce opera aficionada, following favorite operas wherever they might be performed. Since COVID 19 shut opera doors, Aisha has streamed over 75 operas of archived performances from the Met. 

Jodi is a Miami photographer and creator of Art of Facts photography capturing subjects of nature’s beauty from all over the world